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Nursery places in Harpenden!!

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Mariasha Thu 06-Jan-11 14:02:28

Hi everyone,

I'm quite desperate, so figured I'd post to see if anyone is in the same situation.

We are moving to Wheathampstead in a month and desperately trying to find a nursery place for my daughter. I work in London 3-4 days per week, so have to commute, so looking for places in Harpenden nurseries which are all full (the Wheathampstead one is full as well)! I'm on a few waiting lists, but doesn't seem like anything is going to come through in Feb when we move.

We don't want a nanny because I don't really trust someone to take sole care of my daughter (have heard some horror stories) and I don't really know what childminders are like, but seems they are all full too!

I'm quite desperate as we are definitely moving and have no childcare arrangements for my daughter at all! How can all of the nurseries be full!!

Does anyone have any experience with this in Harpenden or any ideas? I am not looking at nurseries in St Albans because I'll be late to work by the time I drop her off and get to the St Alban's station in rush hour traffic, as most nurseries open at 8.00.

Please share your experiences or ideas or if you know how I can get her into one of the nurseries!

Thanks and Happy New Year!!


HalleLouja Sun 09-Jan-11 12:14:37

Have PMed you but my friend uses the Busy Bees on Leyton Road which doesn't have great ofsted but her son is happy there.

NKfe1272cX1158161fcc2 Wed 12-Jan-11 13:26:30

If your sole objection to St Albans nurseries is timing, I think some of them open from 7:30 - Brock House, which is right next to St Albans station and Busy Bees on Bernard Street. Good luck!

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