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Flora stevensons or St marys?

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partridge Wed 10-Nov-10 23:21:20

I would be hugely grateful for any info on either. My four year old (pretty sensitive and dreamy) boy is going in to p1 next year and we have to enrol next week.

I have an open mind but as we can only enrol for one (in catchment for both) would love some advice. We can only look around them on enrolment day, so really have to decide in the next few days. Thanks v much in advance.

rowingboat Sun 14-Nov-10 11:37:59

Hi there,
Do you mean St. Mary's in East London Street?
Is he almost 5, because he doesn't have to start school until the August after he is 5 in Scotland, so you could hold off if he is very sensitive.

partridge Mon 15-Nov-10 09:48:29

Thats the one. He is a July birthday so I think it's pretty clear-cut sadly...

rowingboat Mon 15-Nov-10 17:13:35

Oh sorry, I didn't really read your question. blush You did say didn't you! grin

I know somebody who works as a teaching assistant at St. Mary's and thinks very highly of the school.
Catholic catchments are enormous, but I'm surprised there isn't a catholic catchment nearer Flora's than that.
You don't have to do catchment for P1 of course. Do you think he would benefit from a smaller class? What about Stockbridge Primary that used to be a smaller school, don't know if it still is.
Sometimes it is worth considering what may happen when the children progress to P2 because they class sizes can increase or composites can be created in popular schools.
My son is a popular school and there are rumours that the the P2 Classes may be much bigger to squeeze in more children.
Sorry, I'm probably just confusing, you. I hope somebody comes along soon with experience of your two choices.

StewieGriffinsMom Mon 15-Nov-10 17:18:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pippitysqueakity Mon 22-Nov-10 21:45:46

Do you want Catholic/church school? If so, St Mary's is the one. Flora's is great, but not church school, altho they are affiliated with local church, St Stephens, I think.

partridge Thu 02-Dec-10 11:03:06

Sorry I'm so late looking at these and thanks for responding. He is down for St marys (we are in catchment weirdly). Baptised catholic but def not practicing - that's fairly irrelevant to us.

Anyway, looked round both and had much better feeling about St ms. Thanks all.

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