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Aquanatal classes around TH

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scubamummy Mon 12-Jul-10 18:40:20


Does anyone know of any aquanatal classes nearby? York Hall is a no...


jools70 Fri 16-Jul-10 17:23:40

scubanummy, if you find one can you let me know I have been looking for ages and cannot find one tried St Georges and Mile End and neither offer aquanatal.
I'm 16 weeks and really need to do something as I have already been getting pelvic pain.

scubamummy Wed 28-Jul-10 20:33:28

jools, I've looked everywhere I can but it's a no right now. However, I spoke with someone at York Hall today who said that if there was enough interest then they would consider putting on a class to meet the demand, yay!

I've set up a gmail address so if anyone is genuinely interested in joining a class then please email me your name, email and when you could do the class (e.g. weekday morning, weekday evening, weekend) and I'll collate and send it to the Wellness manager there.

Please feel free to contact me! Will post this notice on other sites and local cafes etc too. Not sure if this contravenes mumsnet rules...? confused

kev85 Thu 26-Aug-10 08:53:30

Tadcaster swimming pool are starting aquanatal classes on the 1st october on fridays from 9-10am

scubamummy Thu 02-Sep-10 17:14:09

Thanks Kev - but a bit far for me to travel, looking for East London (Bethnal Green environs) courses!

RDW1 Thu 08-Sep-11 13:52:23

Hello, I just wondered whether there had been any new acquanatal classes spring up in East London since the last post? I tried yoga but it wasn't for me and really want to try to do some exercise. Other option would be in central London. Any advice would be much appreciated-thanks! (First time poster smile )

Cormorant Sun 08-Jan-12 16:08:15

I've just come to check too! Can't find any! Will ask around..

Cormorant Mon 09-Jan-12 18:42:58

Ok, the only ones I can find in London are listed here.

Park Road is in Hornsey, not Tottenham, so it's further away - a bus ride from either Turnpike Lane or Finsbury Park. Good pool and I used to enjoy their deep aqua, many moons ago.

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