anyone in Bangkok

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skymoo Sun 04-Jul-10 21:29:21


I need to know where I can find aloe vera capsules, by tomorrow if possible...anyone know?

Thanks in advance

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sunnydelight Mon 05-Jul-10 03:40:31

I'm not in Bangkok but I know there is a Boots on the Koh San Road, would they have them?

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 05-Jul-10 06:31:53

Depending where you are, there are shops (G+C or E) ring a bell that sell, for want of a better word, health food. They are, or were a sort of greyish colour on the outside.
I know that there is on in Central Bangna. Not much help if you are in Lad prao though.

skymoo Mon 05-Jul-10 06:32:09

Thanks, will try.

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skymoo Mon 05-Jul-10 06:35:45

oh rather will pass on to person who needs them!

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TheBossofMe Tue 06-Jul-10 04:16:04

skymoo - only just saw this. Did you find them? Let me know if not and will ask around in office, someone here will know.

skymoo Tue 06-Jul-10 06:40:58

yes please ask although the person who needs them has now moved out of bangkok, but likely to go back through. Thanks

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TheBossofMe Tue 06-Jul-10 07:31:30

OK, apparently if you ask in any Boots (all over Thailand, loads and loads of them), they will normally sell them from the pharmacy. Sometimes they are even out with the vitamin supplements, but if not, definitely ask at the pharmacy - its regularly used here as a cooling treatment. Otherwise, Chinese herbalists also often have them (again, loads everywhere).

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 06-Jul-10 07:45:27

Do be aware though that even 'reputable' pharmacies sell fake drugs. I learned this to my cost. I had to take a fungicide for my horrid toenails and got a monthly supply from a well known hospital. Not naming names but it begins with a B. I needed to have hepatoxicity levels checked bi monthly. They stayed within normal limits which should have alerted the hospital that the drugs weren't all they were supposed to be, this particular drug always affects the liver. Some blood tests did come back with a slightly elevated damage indicator which meant that the previous months drugs had been real IYSWIM.

TheBossofMe Tue 06-Jul-10 12:47:19

kreecher - I haven't heard positive stories about the pharmacy at that hospital.

skymoo - does it have to be capsules? They sell pure aloe vera in a bottle in the Boots downstairs alongside the insect repellents and problem skin creams. Huge queue at pharmacist so didn't ask behind the counter.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 06-Jul-10 13:50:12

The Boss, I think parts of the hospital are good, on the whole though, in common with all other hospitals there, it is a money making venture. We used BNH for as much as possible, certainly DD's care, but needed to see somebody who only consulted out of the other place.

TheBossofMe Wed 07-Jul-10 04:41:22

We're using the Samitivej at the moment for DD, but someone has just recommended a doctor at the Bangkok Hospital, so might check that out. DD is getting terrible folliculitis on her head (excema triggered by heat which then gets infected and causes folliculitis - beautiful hair falling out in chunks because of it :-( )

TBH I'm still all wide-eyed at how swish hospitals are here. There was a string quartet playing in the foyer of the BNH when I went for my work permit medical!

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 07-Jul-10 06:30:03

Samitivej very good, we used Dr Bhuppa for DD, very nice woman. BNH was more convenient for us though (and they do valet parking).

skymoo Wed 07-Jul-10 06:34:52

Hi, thanks for replies - yes it does have to be pills as it's for someone who is travelling around, when when I say pills - those gelly things which look a bit like codliver oil 'capsules'. The liquid is great normally but needs to be refrigerated so no good in this case.

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sunnydelight Wed 07-Jul-10 07:50:23

I'm peeing myself at the concept of a hospital doing valet parking kreecher!!! Mind you, we spent some time at the Lebua hotel with the kids and unfortunately no hotel we have stayed at since meets their standards of service.

TheBossofMe Wed 07-Jul-10 08:09:19

We use Dr Bhuppa too - she's fab. Didn't know about the valet parking at BNH, sounds good!

skymoo - Boots say they can get capsules if needed and if they don't have any in0stock. get your friend to ask the pharmacist (so far, all the ones I;ve come across speak pretty decent english!)

BudaisintheZONE Wed 07-Jul-10 08:18:25

Not in Bangkok now but lived there in 1990-1992 when BNH was just a in a small colonial style building! The matron was a Scottish lady who was affectionately known as Fag-Ash Lil as she was a heavy smoker. Tough on those of us learning Scottish dancing from her for the St Andrew's Ball every year and very tough on her nurses! I think the NHS could do with one like her in every hosp in UK.

I have been in the 'new' BNH late one night having an injection before egg retrieval when undergoing IVF in Bangkok. It is SO different to the old one.

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