Acupuncture in France - reimboursed?

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jamaisjedors Tue 09-Feb-10 20:52:00

Check with your mutuelle. They will probably top up.

thereistheball Tue 09-Feb-10 18:35:31

Thanks. And then hopefully the mutuelle coughs up for the rest. Will look into it.

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jamaisjedors Tue 09-Feb-10 16:20:28

Here's something about how much you would get back :

"S'agissant des actes techniques des médecins, l'ancienne nomenclature générale des actes professionnels (NGAP) prévoyait le remboursement des séances d'acupuncture, sur la base de K 6 (11,52 euros) par séance, pour les trois premières, et sur la base de K 5 (9,6 euros), pour chacune des séances suivant ces trois premières séances."

So about 11? for the first 3 and then 9.60 after that.

jamaisjedors Tue 09-Feb-10 16:18:40

Yes, it's your médecin traitante.

They will know about how much you get back.

Can you not get an appt beforehand (when is the acupuncture for?)

thereistheball Tue 09-Feb-10 15:59:19

Is that the same as my médecin traitante? No idea what he thinks about acupuncture - will ask him as I have an appt in 3 weeks time for vaccinations. Thanks!

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jamaisjedors Tue 09-Feb-10 15:56:14

I think they do reimburse it but if you are not sent by your "medecin généraliste" you will pay most of it because you are not following correct procedure.

You need a referral.

thereistheball Tue 09-Feb-10 15:50:42

Following on from this thread about acupuncture, I have just booked myself a consultation with an acupuncturist. The receptionist made no concessions to my garbled French but I think I understood that the session would be reimboursed as acupuncture is recognised as médecine générale. Can anyone confirm this? Also, has anyone had acupuncture in France? What was your experience of it? I had some in the UK ages ago which successfully cured a recurring bad back pain, so I don't need to be persuaded of its benefits. I'm more concerned about being able to discuss conception issues in French...

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