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Sydney Mums with Bilingual German/English kids - meet up

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Wookecat Mon 06-Jul-09 12:06:45

We are relocating back to Sydney next month after having spent 3 years in Germany. My husband is German (me English). Our son who is almost 4 is now bilingual. We hope to keep up his German when we get back to Sydney so besides his dad always speaking to him in German, it would be great to meet up with other parents and children who are in a similar situation so our kids get to speak German to one another. We will be living in the Eastern suburbs as it is near my husbands work. Anyone else in a similar postion? Would love to hear from you.

karli123 Wed 12-Aug-09 14:04:21

hi there! We are not yet in sydney, but will be moving over in the next 6 months, so still a way to go until visa formalities are sorted. We currently live in Hamburg and have a little daughter (15 months) - I´m German, my husband is Australian. I would love to get in touch.

Wookecat Mon 24-Aug-09 11:41:08

Hi - sorry I have only just seen your post after having not looked for weeks. We are not in Sydney yet either but should be there by mid October. Would love to meet up when you get there. My son will be 4 by then ( his bilingual) and my daughter almost 2.

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