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To move DC to US or not?

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chicaguapa Sun 05-Oct-08 14:22:19

DH has been offered a job in Virginia, which he'd like to take but obviously wants to consider the family's needs and wishes as a whole. I'm happy to go. It'll mean leaving my job but I'm an RAF brat so used to upping and leaving anyway. We'd live in a bigger house, have more space outside for DC to play and have 4 proper seasons. Things that I feel would benefit the children too.

But... DD(7) loves her school. There are only 30 kids in each year and she has a lot of attention and individulised learning. She is quite shy and socially behind so finds it hard to make friends. So on the one hand I worry about taking her away from her friends and plonking her in another country where the elementary schools are HUGE, but on the other hand I wonder if it would be a good experience for her that might help her learn how to make friends?

DS(4) is desperate to start at DD's school in Sept 09 and the teachers and HT know him already. But I feel that he'd cope better with a move as he'd talk to anyone so whilst I know it would be difficult for him, I'm less concerned about how he'd settle in. It's just DD that worries me.

I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and how it worked out??

hellish Sun 05-Oct-08 14:30:50

Hi, I moved to Canada two years ago, dd1 was almost 7,(had just finished Yr1) and dd2 was 4 (just about to start Reception).

The kids have settled really wll into life here, dd1 found it a little difficult for the first few months but now is as happy at her school as she was in UK. DD2 was very disappointed as she had to do two years of half time Kindergarten. But actually she soon got used to it and are both fine.

So glad we did it, we all love it here.

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