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where would you go?

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yogabird Fri 15-Aug-08 22:16:07

dh has just asked a rather interesting question. Where would we go to live if it had to be a non-English speaking country ie) which country do we have the greatest affinity with?

We have an initial shortlist of:

all hypothetical of course, sunny Devon is good enough for us!

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:21:46

Depends on the area of Germany The area where I live now, Rhineland, is an area famed for easygoing, humourous people. Go to Hannover and you will find that the locals go down into the cellar when they have to laugh.

The Dutch always seem quite friendly and open too. <<sweeping generalisation alert>>

expatinscotland Fri 15-Aug-08 22:22:53

France or Germany

ScottishMummy Fri 15-Aug-08 22:30:24

france the auld alliance and all that i do emphasise je suis ecossewink

falcon Sat 16-Aug-08 14:28:17

I think I'd go to Germany, I haven't lived there, just visited but I loved the people, the language, landscape and culture.

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