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Does anyone want to look after my kids this afternoon whilst I have a lie down and read my new book?

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claudiaschiffer Mon 11-Aug-08 03:13:11


claudiaschiffer Mon 11-Aug-08 03:15:01

Whilst you're here could you also whiz a duster round?

Ta. grin

twentypence Mon 11-Aug-08 03:18:35

Depends where you are - I might fancy being an au pair for the afternoon - I'm warning you though I'll have to bring ds who has a horrible cough - you may lose concentration.

SuperBunnyisUnderRated Mon 11-Aug-08 03:25:23

What's the book?

I might bring DS round to play with your DC so I can lie down and read my book too. Good idea.

claudiaschiffer Mon 11-Aug-08 04:35:32

Splendid idea, lets shut the kids in the sitting room with a video and we can all laze about reading.

No worries about DS with cough, twentypence, my dd has ghastly snot pouring out of her nose so they can be revolting together.

We are in Australia btw smile.

claudiaschiffer Mon 11-Aug-08 06:29:19

Right, got the telly on, kids glued to some ABC kids nonsense. Me glued to mn and about to start my NEW BOOK.

I fully expect to read oooh, at least, 2 pages before all hell breaks loose.

Shells Mon 11-Aug-08 06:36:04

How many pages CS? I find I can read about 1 1/2 pages before the incessant 'i'm hungry', 'he hit me', 'i can't find it' kicks in. by then i've forgotten what i read and have to start again.

relaxing isn't it.

claudiaschiffer Mon 11-Aug-08 06:44:06

During my teacher training we were told that it was VERY good for children to see mummy/daddy/teacher reading as it was excellent modeling and they would no doubt be inspired by ones good example. Whilst this worked with 7 - 8 yr olds at school, it does seem to be rather rubbish advice for being at home with the under 3's.


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