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Lovelilies Tue 11-Jul-17 06:47:02

Has anybody moved to Finland?
I'm a LP with 3 DC (1,3,12) and after seeing a video about the education system I'm very interested in living there!
I'm a nurse, English speaking.
Be wonderful to hear any RL stories!

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VisitorFromAlphaStation Wed 02-Aug-17 04:56:56

As a nurse you'll probably find a job in most places. Have you considered Norway? I'm thinking might be easier language-wise - Finnish is so difficult in my opinion. Try a Google-search for "Professional practice rights for social welfare professionals valvira".

MakeMineaLargeWine Wed 02-Aug-17 05:23:58

We watched that documentary and my son is now desperate to move to Finland, it's the language barrier and living expenses that put me off...I'm the same as you would love to hear if someone has moved there from UK and their experience x

MirabelleTree Wed 02-Aug-17 05:58:51

My DD have it a go last year but couldn't cope with the lack of light in the winter and ended up feeling quite depressed. She also couldn't get to grips with Finnish despite being relatively competent on a non European language. I tried tk learn to support her but found it really hard, Swedish is easier. She likes it in the summer though and is looking forward to going back for a few weeK's soon but I think that's her limit.

She met a lot of expats in Helsinki, the major complaints were winters, language and cost. Her partner grew up there as half Finnish but had quite a rough time by the sound of it as sounded different as picked up more of his Mother's accent, he really wants to leave.

His Brother on the other hand has a different accent, sounds more Finnish and is really well integrated. Their Mum moved over years ago from an English speaking country, sounds welll integrated overall and really likes it there. However part of the problems DD's partner had by the sounds of it were because his Mum sounded different .

VisitorFromAlphaStation Thu 03-Aug-17 19:18:30

I found there is a page on the internet called "Working as a nurse in Finland".

Anotheroneofthese Thu 03-Aug-17 19:21:53

I think it is wonderful there. My brother lives there with his wife. He had to learn Finnish but the majority speak English anyway. I visit every year. Yes the education system is brilliant. My nieces and nephew are doing very well at school.

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