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School in Doha

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MaShappo Sun 19-Mar-17 07:01:30

Good morning. Does anyone have any recommendations for a British Curriculum school in Doha?
I am living in Doha for a couple of years and my DSs are Yr 4 and Yr 2. I am looking for a school that can keep up with the academics of their prep school in UK.
I'm currently looking at Sherborne, RGS, Doha College. A school as similar to the UK as we are hoping to slot them back in, in a few years.

BaileyLadapa Tue 21-Mar-17 21:59:29

Doha college is the best and hard to get but now a lot of brit expats left so,I'm sure there are lot of place left when I left last year King college just open and some of my friend said it is good even fee is a bit more pricey,good luck for the test!

Barbie1 Fri 24-Mar-17 05:37:10

My children go to park house and so far we are really happy with it, dess is another option.

Lots of people are leaving at the end of this school year and spaces are becoming avaiible in most schools.

Good luck!

MaShappo Fri 24-Mar-17 08:09:54

Thank so for the recommendations. I'll take a look at them. How do they compare with private prep schools in U.K.?

habibihabibi Fri 24-Mar-17 19:30:18

The schools are typically Brtish style international schools . Nothing I have seen remotely resembles a preparatory in terms of breath of curriculum, sports or ethos.. The franchised schools are nothing like their UK originals because they service a very different and varied community . Academically Doha College is the most selective and has a very good reputation.

Zimmerzammerbangbang Mon 27-Mar-17 07:33:31

Just to correct Bailey - Doha College did have a lot of turnover with all the job losses but when I last checked it was still full. Because of their status they filled the places from their waitlist very quickly.

Still worth a try though.

JoandMax Tue 28-Mar-17 09:23:31

Have a look at a King's College - it's very new but so far I'm really impressed by the academic side. Certainly a much higher standard than in a lot of schools we viewed in Doha........

MaShappo Wed 29-Mar-17 09:17:30

Thank you all. I have visited and researched a lot of schools in Doha. From a personal point of view (and schools can be wildly different from one family to the next) the only school I've found that matches the academic standards as well as the ethos and enrichment of a private prep school in the UK is King's College. It is vastly superior to all the other schools I've seen. Thanks JoandMax. Spot on!

JoandMax Wed 29-Mar-17 12:03:35

Glad you liked it OP! My 2 DSes are in year 2 and 4 at Kings, we only moved to Doha in January but they settled so quickly and are both really happy and doing well. The school works very closely with King's UK, the head teacher had been over numerous times and is very involved in the development of the school.

If you want any more info on the school pm me!

nat73 Tue 11-Apr-17 19:14:18

I am considering relocating to Doha for work. The office would be in West Bay. Which would be the nearest good British curriculum schools to West Bay? DC? Dess? Kings? RGS? Would these be Ok for the school run?

What are the changes of getting school places for reception and Yr 3 for this September at any of these schools? No chance? Some chance?

Any reviews for RGS?

What is the accommodation like in West Bay? What kind of budget would I need for accommodation for family of 4 with access to a pool?

Many thanks

Zimmerzammerbangbang Thu 13-Apr-17 06:54:15

DC west bay but your chances are zero I would say. DESS is also fine for a west bay commute but again pretty much zero chance of a place. I don't actually know where Kings or RGS are. Google maps is your friend.

Do you want a villa? I think you'd be looking at 20k plus there are very few villa compounds in West Bay - there's pretty much only Al Jazi. The vast majority of families live outside west bay and commute in. I might not be completely up to date on prices.

Samibaby Tue 26-Sep-17 14:12:34

I am looking for a primary school for my 5 years old son and a secondary school for my 11 years old daughter.
We are getting around QR 42,000 towards the fees from the company.
Both the kids are going to an outstanding school in UK.
I am not too sure whether to move to Doha with them or not.

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