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UK tax return

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studyingstudying Mon 23-Jan-17 11:12:22

Has anyone been able to fill in their UK self-assessment tax return online?

Last year I did the paper tax return, submitted by end of October, but this year I forgot (had just moved countries when they sent the pack/reminder, hadn't updated my address, no real excuse though...).

A colleague says he submitted his online last week, but can't tell me how to get past the part of the online system which asks about UK residency. I do have an address I use in the UK (relatives), but I live abroad and only visit the UK for 2/3 weeks a year.

Help please! I've resigned myself to being fined for my paper return being late, but it would be so much easier to submit online if I could.
Thank you!

ifink Mon 23-Jan-17 12:16:15

You could try - you'll need to register on and then they send an access code - this takes about a week to arrive and needs a UK address for them to send it to (can someone open mail for you to do this?). Strictly speaking its meant to be your UK home address but the only other way round is to purchase some special software to use an overseas address to file from.....not sure its worth the bother over the alternative of submitting the paper one late and paying the fine. HTH

specialsubject Mon 23-Jan-17 13:46:35

Too late to register now for online, even if you could. Do it on paper, pay the fine and job done.

studyingstudying Tue 24-Jan-17 04:48:18

Thanks for the responses ifink and specialsubject!
I do already have the log in details for online - they were sent to a UK address when I registered a few years ago, and I have 'activated' them, so I can log in online. I just have never been able to use the online system to submit the assessment.

Sounds like it won't be possible, so I'll just post the paper one and look forward to my fine in a couple of months smile Oh well.

Thank you!

KeyserSophie Tue 24-Jan-17 05:01:23

AFAIK it's not possible if you're not UK resident. Paper only.

Is it possible that your friend isnt claiming non-residency (my sister lives overseas and hasnt claimed to be non-UK resident because given tax, assets etc, it doesnt matter) and that's how he managed it?

If it makes you feel better I've been fined 6 out of the 7 years I've lived overseas, and to make matters worse (1) I'm in a net repayment position and (2) I used to work in tax.

InTheDessert Tue 24-Jan-17 05:11:05

Which bit are you getting stuck in??
Dont put a postcode in the page that asks for postcode, NI and ????. Just leave it blank.

Also, you need to go through a third party provider for overseas. There was a list in the HMRC website (maybe at the start of the tax form???), We picked one that charged about £15 and then it was quite straight forward. The third party then submit to HMRC using your tax log in details. We got our refunds in about a week.

westcoastnortherneragain Tue 24-Jan-17 05:12:44

Can you get a uk based accountant to do it for you?

InTheDessert Tue 24-Jan-17 05:19:09

Keyser, yes it's possible having claimed none residancy. Just not for free in the HMRC software.

user1471484795 Tue 24-Jan-17 05:33:09

Hi. As a non UK resident I use taxcalc to submit online to hmrc. You pay about £60 download the software and fill in the tax return then submit. It's really easy to use.

studyingstudying Tue 24-Jan-17 06:48:55

More responses! Thank you.

Thanks for the info on third party providers and software I can buy - I had assumed that would be hideously expensive and complicated, but if it's not then I'm happy to do that and not get fined smile Any other software recommendations are greatly appreciated.

The annoying thing is that the tax return is not complicated at all, and I won't owe any tax. But understandably that means nothing if they're fining you for being late.

LOL at Keyser being fined 6 years out of 7. I was close to being fined last year, and was so sure I wouldn't make the same mistake this year....

scaryteacher Fri 27-Jan-17 13:09:18

I do paper, and both of ours were late last year to a postal strike where we are, and Royal Mail not being able to deliver on a Saturday, which was the due date; but although they said we would be fined, I rang up, moaned, and said I'd send in proof that RM tried to deliver on the due date, and they said not to worry. They haven't billed us for the fines either.

I refuse to pay for extra software, so HMRC can send me paper for as long as they like.

DoNotBlameMeIVotedRemain Sat 28-Jan-17 09:46:15

The cost of using software would less than fine for late paper filing. You need to get your skates on though...

InTheDessert Sat 28-Jan-17 11:23:00

The cost of the software is about the cost of couriering documents back to the UK. Just been charged £36 to send our passports to Liverpool from the ME shock. That said, less than week after we dispstched them, the new ones are on their way back!!!

studyingstudying Mon 30-Jan-17 05:53:34

Thanks all - I submitted! I went through all of the list of software providers on the HMRC website, chose the cheapest one I could find (12.99 GBP), filled it in and submitted.
Very quick and easy.

Normally I'd agree with scaryteacher regarding not wanting to pay for additional software when I'm very happy to do the calcs myself, but in this case the software was much much cheaper than the fine, so I'm happy.

Posting things is such a nightmare here too, that I think in future I might just be happy to pay the 12 pounds not to have to deal with the post office....

isthistoonosy Mon 30-Jan-17 06:03:20

Is this software thing something new? I'm abroad and have filled on line several years without any software or third party involved (did this years a while ago so no major panic at the moment).

twobarnsmammisonthebus Mon 30-Jan-17 06:43:00

Not sure if it's new, but it's what you apparently have to use if you're not UK resident. We discovered at the last minute last year :-(

isthistoonosy Mon 30-Jan-17 07:45:53

This is weird I'm sure I filed on line this year with no software and I'm non uk resident. Must check when I get home I didn't hallucinate filling my.return smile
Maybe it was having a uk that made it possible due to the vpn software on that. confused

Anyway good to know its something to get sorted or be ready to.file on paper. Thanks

DoNotBlameMeIVotedRemain Tue 31-Jan-17 13:42:56

Glad you got it filed and that the service went smoothly smile

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