Renting a small flat in Germany

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BoffinMum Thu 29-Sep-16 19:54:55

So I am applying for dual nationality, and one thing that would definitely help things along is if I had a proper base there.

I am looking to rent something as cheaply as possible but for it to be actually useful as well, so I would need to be able to take 2 DCs there as well as DH, they would need to be able to find things to do locally, I would need to be able to fly to and from the flat easily and cheaply from Stansted, and ideally not have to drive my car over there unless I really wanted to. It needs to be lock up and leave.

I have family in Baden-Württemberg and Upper Bavaria so they would be the best places to be from a social point of view, although the are eyewateringly expensive. Alternatively anywhere we can ski would be a bonus.

Does anyone have any ideas about good places where I can achieve a balance between cheap rent, accessibility and things to do?

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BecauseItsBedtime Mon 03-Oct-16 18:28:59



What's your budget? Bavaria is all much more expensive than the former east obviously, you'd get more for your money in Berlin than even cheaper cities in Bavaria., less beautiful, no skiing but easier to fly to cheaply...


BecauseItsBedtime Mon 03-Oct-16 18:39:26


BoffinMum Mon 03-Oct-16 20:40:51

They are interesting. The thing with Munich is I know it well, most of my friends are there, and I can fly easily there from Stansted. In my dream world I would find a flat for 300 euros a month on the S8 around Johanneskirchen so I could just hop on the tube and get there mega quickly. But my goodness, Munich is eye-wateringly expensive.

My budget is as cheap as possible but I don't want to start installing kitchens and bathrooms (I find it so odd the way Germans take their kitchens with them half the time!)

Rosenheim might be possible but it would be tricky to go there for the weekend. I like the idea of Berlin but I don't know any good areas.

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BecauseItsBedtime Mon 03-Oct-16 21:41:25

You can't get a small affordable flat in Munich at the moment even if you're happy to install the kitchen, carry it and all your furniture up 6 flights if stairs without a lift, and sweeten the deal by handing over a kidney and your first born child...

BoffinMum Mon 03-Oct-16 22:25:08

I know you're right. But I saw a nice 1-bed in Icking recently for 900 euros, furnished and they even did your washing for you!

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BecauseItsBedtime Tue 04-Oct-16 10:27:13

Was that 1 bed or 1 room? grin Warm or cold? Don't forget you need to add another €120 a month or so to the cold price usually. If it was a 1 bed flat warm (rather than a one room studio in someone's basement, which might explain them doing your laundry) it sounds a total bargain!

It's a an awful lot to spend just to prove ties to a country though!


Twila1 Tue 04-Oct-16 19:23:42

Just curious, why do you need to do this, BoffinMum?

BoffinMum Fri 07-Oct-16 20:56:28

To look as German as possible to the Beamten in the Embassy. I have to look like I have copious and close connections to Germany.

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BoffinMum Fri 07-Oct-16 20:57:02

Bedtime it was warm, fully furnished and all mod cons, one bedroom flat.

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