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Resources for keeping up with English curriculum

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naturalbaby Wed 10-Aug-16 09:05:36

I don't know when we will return to the uk - it could be 1 year or 5 or more. Before we left we were thinking about the 11+. Our boys are bright, particularly in maths, and in a local school in Switzerland where they are doing o.k.
We have workbooks at home (English, maths, science) and I stock up every year so they are age appropriate. I'm wondering what else parents abroad are using as I know my friends back home were starting to use tutors a couple of years ago. I don't know how much to push it given that we may not return very soon but I don't want them to fall behind in English and then have to work really hard to catch up. Is there anything else we should be keeping up with? Or should we just relax and focus on their education here?!

Bobochic Tue 16-Aug-16 10:29:21

I wouldn't relax. It's always a good idea to prevent gaps in knowledge in a particular curriculum/system from forming rather than trying to play catch up later on. The CGP books are good for English reading comprehension practice.

sayatidaknama Tue 16-Aug-16 18:15:59

Don't presume that having bright DC is enough to pass 11+ in UK from overseas especially if they are not currently in UK curriculum schools. Sadly it's extremely competitive as you probably know. If you think you'll return for 11+ then I'd keep up to date with VR and NVR in particular. The best resources for this are GL assessment for NVR and Mary Walsh (3 books) for VR. You can buy on Amazon.

There's also a really good comprehension practice book which is very like the actual 11+ papers you get. Can't remember it now but will come back if I do. I'd look online for past english and maths papers which are much more accurate than Bond books ime.

If they are not at 11+ level yet but then you can get them assessed by an online tutor who will recommend resources.

naturalbaby Thu 18-Aug-16 15:53:49

I'm definitely not assuming they'll pass anything just by being bright, which is why I'm considering online tutoring. I don't want to start paying out for it though if we're not going back so I'm trying to keep up with the curriculum at home and then would they need at least a year of tutoring?
Trying to fit this in with other extra curricular activities and extra help for their usual school work is such a challenge.

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