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Schools in Dublin

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WhereInTheWorldToNext Sun 24-Apr-16 10:00:30

I'm currently looking at schools (all likelihood fee paying) in Dublin for primary aged DC. Any idea if there is s good resource (other than MN!) that could provide direction?

Everything seems very religious (we're not!) and implies years long waiting lists. I'm in a panic shock

WhereInTheWorldToNext Mon 25-Apr-16 13:59:59

Anyone?? smile

BiddyPop Mon 25-Apr-16 14:06:25

Not sure about specific resources - Department of Education and Science (or Skills? they keep renaming!) had a list of all schools but it wasn't very user friendly.

There are some multi and non-denominational schools, and a few other faith schools (protestant, muslim etc). But generally, yes, catholic patron body (and those tend to be very catholic in ethos and running). Non-catholic would often have long waiting lists.

Fee paying may give you some better options - but still often difficult (and quite often still catholic!).

Do you even know what part of Dublin you are looking at? North, south, west, city centre? (East is into the sea).

BiddyPop Mon 25-Apr-16 14:08:32

(And I am only on MN intermittently in the next few days so apols in advance about my poor responses to any answers you give - but I am sure others will be along to assist too).

Ilikecakes Mon 25-Apr-16 21:40:14

Where are you going to be based? We're south city, my kids are at a non-denominational lovely school, fee paying but nothing like UK school fees (sorry, making an assumption you're currently in UK!). Fees also include hot cooked lunch (schools here tend to be packed lunch only), swimming and lots of other extras that mean it's actually pretty good value. Nice small class sizes too (20 kids tops).

Happy to PM details if you're interested.

WeShouldOpenABar Mon 25-Apr-16 21:43:48

Ilikecakes can I get a pm, I'm really worried about the non Catholic waiting lists there's an educate together near me but I plan to move closer to the city soon

Ilikecakes Mon 25-Apr-16 22:15:11

Done! The Educate Together waiting lists are terrifying but that said, they are starting to phase out waiting lists around the City and mirror the UK's system where you simply apply the year before you'll start. Anyway, have a read of my PM and get in touch if you have any other questions.

actiongirl1978 Mon 25-Apr-16 22:28:01

I highly recommend Castle Park School Dalkey. Lots of international students, keeps british school hours rather than finishing at lunchtime like lots of Irish schools, very good academic record, lovely staff. We don't go there now, but used to before we moved. Also lovely parents and vibrant school community, no or very very little religion, fee paying but low fees compared to the UK. Good luck.

WhereInTheWorldToNext Tue 03-May-16 16:44:35

Thanks everyone - I've had two threads running on the topic so forgot this one blush

So the move is looking more and more likely and st Andrews is looking like a face due to fact it is mixed and could therefore (potentially - I've still no idea if waiting lists) accommodate all DC.

WhereInTheWorldToNext Tue 03-May-16 16:45:17

So if anyone has a view on st Andrews or st Alexandra's I'd appreciate feedback smile

BiddyPop Thu 05-May-16 11:03:41

We had Dd on the list for Andrews - I played hockey with a club who used their grounds for a few years, the students always seemed really polite and in there lots for sports and supervised study in the afternoons/weekends (not common to many schools here). They have things like Model EU and Model UN, and are big on debating etc. And a good reputation for academics. So overall seemed a good fit for DD. Protestant ethos, which I believe is not hugely "down your throat" but a good all round moral grounding. And generally aim to look at the whole student, not just getting strong academic results (but among the top schools for students going to 3rd level).

(She's got into a school closer to home that suits slightly better with equally good reputation, hence no longer considering Andrews. We also had a Quaker boarding school on our list - slightly eclectic in seeking non-traditional RC but having a good moral code.)

See a lot of Andrew's students on the train (DART) or the bus, along with students from Coláiste Eoin and Coláiste Iosagáin (the boys and girls Irish secondaries - VERY hard to get into and all done through Irish). The 2 Irish ones are on the same campus, and Andrews is up the hill to the next junction and down the side road - about a mile or so apart. You do see a reasonable amount of interaction between the various groups of students, and in a nice way (not like some of the rivalries between certain schools).

I've also played hockey on Alex's grounds - what I know is good about them. Mix of boarding and day, only girls, protestant ethos again, any students I've met have always been very polite, strong hockey teams. I think they are also strong on developing the whole student, not just the focus on academics - from what a few friends have said. But Alex is a bit out of our catchment to have really paid attention.

(And while we are in an Educate Together, DD did swimming lessons, and lots of summer sports camps, in Castlepark - lovely grounds, great sports facilities, swimming pool (unusual in Ireland for a school), and I think they have afterschool club until 6pm daily. And hot lunches - which DD actually ate at camp (she can be fussy, ADHD and aspergers so not entirely "just fussy"). And all the staff in sports centre handled her very well (brought her out of her shell, and were able to manage any meltdowns etc that did happen there - rare but there were a few over the years).

WhereInTheWorldToNext Thu 05-May-16 15:00:19

biddy thanks for your feedback - really helpful.

I've made enquiries at both schools. The attraction of both is that the oldest two will be going into secondary in the next two years so I like the idea it just flows through.

Keep hearing positive feedback re Blackrock though...I guess I need to start actually talking to the schools smile

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