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moving to Luxembourg

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iliketeaalot Fri 29-Jan-16 20:59:28

So it turns out that my husband has just got a promotion and at some point we'll be moving from Brussels and our cosy expat contract to a local one in Luxembourg. He will be based in Colmar-berg and so we're currently thinking about the area between Mersch and Walferdange so it will be an easy commute for him and there will be things I can drive to with our 2year old ds and soon to be born dd.
I guess my questions are:
- Are there any mum and baby groups that I should look to join to meet people?
- Are there any areas to avoid?
- How does précoce work? My ds won't be 3 till October.
- Do I really need to drive everywhere? We've been on orientation this weekend and all the outlying villages seem to consist of lots of houses and very few shops.
- What else should I know?
- Does anyone have any tips on things not to do or things they wished they'd known before moving out?
Thank you!

Lalux Sun 31-Jan-16 08:19:12

Hi we've been here about 18 months now. There are expats all over Luxembourg and lots in Walferdange. Gymboree has just opened in the Walfer Centre so that could be very handy. I would recommend joining the FB group Luxembourg Parents - you can ask anything on there and will get a quick response. You may also want to join the British Ladies Club and American Women's Club - both have lots of activities for toddlers that are free. St Georges also does a toddler group and there is also Kindermusik and other music groups in French, German etc and story telling run by Il etait une fois.

Driving is very much something that you will get used to although buses and trains are cheap and the service is good plus nowhere is very far. Mersch has a reasonable selection of shops and facilities - the Topaz Centre is not bad. There are wonderful playgrounds around every corner in Luxembourg. I can't really help with Precoce but if you join the FB group someone will be able to help you out.

Hope that helps but ask away if there's anything more.

iliketeaalot Sun 31-Jan-16 13:10:41

Thanks for the reply, we're actually putting in an offer on a house tomorrow - exciting! I've heard about British ladies club and the American women's club - would you recommend one over the other?

Expatmomma Thu 04-Feb-16 19:02:37

Welcome to the Duchy! I live near Mersch although my kids are a bit older now. Please feel free to pm me.

Mersch is not a very expat location but with the new motorway you can be in Kirchberg where there is the large cinema Utopolis and shops within 12 minutes!!!

I met some of my friends through The British Ladies Club in 2000! We are still going strong. I really suggest joining .. There are lots of mums and toddlers things going on.

If your DH is working in Colmar Berg I guess he will be working for the company starting with G.
I think they have quite a lot of expats working there... So maybe you can build a network there.

Gfplux Mon 08-Feb-16 16:39:00

I can recomend the local education system. However for an important start for your little one(s) can I suggest a Luxembourg speaking play/pre school. Some if not all communes have children starting pre primary at 3 years of age.

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