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Singapore: Passes expiring before school term ends

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Squigley Fri 23-Oct-15 05:03:56

We are leaving Sg in a few weeks' time, returning home for good. We've notified the school, and have told them we will withdraw DD on a set date. However we've only just realised a slight problem: our passes, which are obviously not going to be renewed, expire two weeks before we leave.

It's not a problem for the rest of us, as we will receive a letter from MOM granting us permission to remain in the country, which we have to hand in when we leave. However, I am not sure what the position is with the school and before I outright ask them or MOM, does anyone know if DD will be allowed to continue without her official pass in place? I'm worried they will say no, the letter is not enough and she will have to withdraw the day the pass runs out or they could just say no it's fine, it's only a couple of weeks...or they might not even notice since she's due to leave anyway. I'm hoping it will stay under the radar but it won't stop me worrying! It's not the end of the world if she has to go, but I'd be sad for her as it means her departure from school and her friends will be even more abrupt.

Has anyone else been in this position?

Laptopwieldingharpy Fri 23-Oct-15 10:53:16

Ask the school admission officer, i'm sure they've had this before.
Also quite likely immigration will extend her stay as a student with a letter if enrollment from the school. Don't worry too much. Be proactive.
If there is no way around it, at least you can plan ahead for a leaving party, a few playdates the last couple if weeks and some dpecial time doing your favourite things together or a 2 day gateway on a beach.

Laptopwieldingharpy Fri 23-Oct-15 10:54:41

Definitely recimmend a small warm hiliday if you are heading back to cold weather. Seals the menories with a happy note.

Squigley Fri 23-Oct-15 16:03:10

Thanks Harpy, I doubt I will have time to organise too many social things and it would just feel wrong to have DD at home while all her peers at in school so I hope she doesn't end up at home! I am keeping my fingers crossed they can be flexible about this. You just never know how they will react here - they can be at total opposite ends of the spectrum: rigid as you like about petty things or surprisingly lax about more serious who knows. I had a thought since I posted and I'm going to ask DS's principal (he goes to a local preschool) and hopefully she will have had some experience of this. If she doesn't know I'll just have to call DD's school.

And YY re last hurrah holiday - we have a couple of things lined up gringringrin

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