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Anyone teaching/ nursing in ME?

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KittyOShea Wed 15-Jul-15 13:15:22


Have already started this in chat and got a couple of helpful answers but am trying for more info here grin

DH (nurse) and I ( teacher) are considering a career break to work in the ME and have a few questions for anyone who has done/ is doing this

Our main purpose is to save a little money to allow us to travel afterwards and a break from the norm- we have no kids and are unlikely to have any as both in our 40s with fertility issues.

Are there any particular countries in the ME you would recommend?

Are there any age restriction on working visas?

Did you go through an agency or apply directly for jobs?

Has anyone been in our situation looking for 2 jobs together? Is this difficult?

We're only in the very early investigation stage now (as I'm sure you can tell from the questions smile) so would appreciate any info anyone has.



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