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Gift for 5yo boy living in NZ

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WeeMadArthur Mon 08-Jun-15 14:23:24

Hi there, my DFriend and her family moved to NZ in January and her DS is 5 next week. I'd like to send him something for his birthday but understand that the restrictions on what can be sent are fairly strict, so I was wondering if there are any good shops in NZ I could order from that could deliver locally? He is keen on Spider-Man and chocolate! I would quite like to send something like a sweetie hamper? Any ideas or links would be great, thanks.

kiwidreamer Mon 08-Jun-15 15:45:05

Ive used this site loads, gifts are gorgeous... I think you can customise a gift for him.

WeeMadArthur Mon 08-Jun-15 20:08:12

Brilliant thanks!

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