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Primary school in Brussels for no-english speaking

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Mamma72 Sun 16-Nov-14 15:57:28

I'm new to mumsnet, and I really need advice: I'll move to Brussels in january for 3 years, and have to choose a school for my older boy.
He's currently at public Italian school, he'll be 7 in january but already started his second year (in Italy it's possible), speaking very little english, only some words and basic expressions.
My company will cover the expenses, and I've restricted the list to the following:
BEPS (would prefer for an easy starting, as it's small and fun-oriented; but someome told me it's too "light" in terms of teaching);
European school (if it's possible for people not working in EU institutions; but, again, I was told the level and quality of teaching are not very high);
BJAB (very good school apparently, but too much focused on discipline... Children arriving late in the morning are "labelled" with a small card "late" on the shirt, for example. I'm not sure this would be the right environment);

Could you please give me some advice? Would my son have to repeat the last months of the First academic year (not a great problem, maybe it's better)? I've so little time and so many worries!!

Thank you!

cannotseeanend Wed 19-Nov-14 18:02:54

where will you work and live?
Crazy EEB hearsay.
Why no BISB?
Why no St Paul's primary?

Longtime Thu 20-Nov-14 22:19:51

The level at the European School is fairly high actually. Also, you don't stand a chance of getting a place if one of you doesn't work in one of the institutions.

I have friends who have had their children at BJAB and have loved it. I've never heard of the "late" card!

If you want to join our fb page, just pm me.

Mamma72 Mon 24-Nov-14 00:07:45

Thank you both!
I'll visit also the BISB: Cannotseeanend, did you hear positive things about it?
I'll work in the EU area, while the area to live in will be decided once we have chosen the school...

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