Having a baby in Singapore

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Honoroaky Wed 02-Jul-14 13:13:02

Thanks so much everyone- this has been so useful.
We do have medical cover, but have asked DH today to check the extent and if any exclusions (which I totally hadn't considered as it will only start when we move to Singapore) which unfortunately means letting his employer know I'm pg earlier than we would have liked, but is vital clearly!

Have seen recommendations for Dr Tseng elsewhere so will do a bit more research on his practice. Seems strange to have it so Dr led when here in the UK they encourage midwife led as much as poss and pretty much assumed I would be VBAC despite EMCS last time. However, am excited at prospect of hospital facilities compared to some of the nhs choices!

Thanks also for tip about Mother and Child. I had guessed it wouldn't be a case of midwife/Hv visiting regularly for first few weeks- good to know there is somewhere to go if I need a bit of support.

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Laptopwieldingharpy Wed 02-Jul-14 12:14:38

What buterflies said is true but then again i delivered at the gleneagles completely naturally and was home the next morning having only spent 10h delivery time in the ward.
So you can get what you want if you quietly but resolutely stick to your guns.
Especially as for a second pregnancy they'll give you the credit of knowing what you can bear.
My Dr was Shirin Jacob at camden medical. Not everyone's cup of tea but a no nonsense kind of woman.

butterfliesinmytummy Wed 02-Jul-14 02:29:26

Meant to say you might have to state your wishes very definitely with vbac in singapore. I had to be quite insistent about going past 40 weeks (lots of babies are induced around 38/39 weeks as babies at getting bigger but Asian pelvises are not doing the same thing at he same rate). Best thing would be to email someone like Paul Tseng and ask.

butterfliesinmytummy Wed 02-Jul-14 02:22:37

My dd1 was 3 when we moved to singapore and I was pg with dd2. She was breech and late so born by cs (there is not an obstetrician who will contemplate a breech birth in Singapore). Find yourself an obstetrician (mine was dr Paul Tseng, hugely popular, goes for less medicalised options, lots of expats use him and I can recommend him). See if you can join the singapore expat wives group on fb (pm me if you can't and I can invite you, they've just tightened up). They will be able to give you more recommendations.

Births in singapore are very medicalised, you'll often get an epidural on admission to a maternity ward (my friend joked that they were ready for hers in the car park) but care is great and as this isn't your first, you'll be a bit more clued up about what you want.

Definitely make sure you have insurance for everything, you, the baby, the birth etc. its a very expensive business! Otoh, I had a scan at nearly every check up (weekly towards the end) as dr Tseng has ultrasound in his office and insurance paid, it was brilliant!

There are lot a of good groups. Mother and child in tanglin mall is good, they have uk midwives and health visitors if you have queries but it's super expensive (gbp50 for a quick check up with dd2). There is no midwife or Hv system in Singapore, you're basically on your own once you are discharged apart from pediatrician visits every so often. Look at new mothers support group too, lots of meetings, talks, play dates and coffees for mums with bumps, babes and toddlers, buy and sell forum. Been running for over 20 years (I chaired the group for 4 years so maybe biased but it's a great community)

As long as you've got insurance, you'll be fine.

Laptopwieldingharpy Wed 02-Jul-14 01:15:23

Don't worry too much, its all very straightforward. A lot of Drs are UK trained (and those who are not are very familiar with UK vaccination schedules). Most private GPs/Pediatricians will space out/delay vaccinations if you have any concern.
Don't feel pressured into additional non compulsory vaccines. You really don't need Hep A unless you travel rough and eat street food in the backwaters of myanmar. Same goes for the flu vaccine.

For all things pregnancy and baby related, you should contact "mother and child" who run great pre & post natal activities, classes, well baby clinics, BF cafe, etccc…..Its usually led by Australian nurses/practitioners. A great meeting point.
They are in Tanglin mall.

Since you are arriving at a late stage in your pregnancy, I suggest you research Ob/Gyns now.
Its always the same names.
N.1 choice for expats is usually the thompson medical which is the only fully fledged matenity. Dr Paul Tseng. They even have a birthing pool now.
There are lots of other choices (private practice) who will deliver at the major private hospitals.

I assume you have medical insurance? Did you check wether there is an exclusion period?

Honoroaky Tue 01-Jul-14 19:46:43

It's early days yet, but looking like I will be 6mths pregnant when we move to Singapore...

I have one DD who is 2.5 so have experience of uk pre-natal/post-natal care, health visitors, vaccinations etc but totally clueless about The system in Singapore.

Can anyone offer any guidance?

Additional bit of info- am hoping for a VBAC birth and slightly concerned that this not be encouraged in Singapore- please tell me I'm wrong!

Thanks so much.

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