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Moving to NYC with baby and pre-schooler

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MtnBikeChick Fri 17-Jan-14 09:03:24

There is a strong possibility my husband will be relocated to New York (financial district) with his job. We live in London and have a 3 month old and a 3.5 year old who is due to start reception at a local prep-school in Sept of this year. I am a lawyer, but currently on maternity leave. I am prepared not to work when in NYC. I am all for a move like this for a couple of years. However, the school situation is worrying me. The place we have at our local prep school was very hard to get (about 8 applications for each place). I understand the US school system but I would love to hear from anyone who has found themselves in this situation. Ideally I would like our son to stay in the British or International system - there are British/International schools in New York. Would I need to keep paying the school fees here in London to hold the school place? Presumably yes, but that's a discussion to have with the school. Has anyone any experience of how hard it is to get a place in the British school in NYC, on (say) 6 months' notice? Any advice on areas to live? We will be getting a relocation service so that will help.
Thank you!!

Want2bSupermum Mon 20-Jan-14 02:47:59

If you are going to live in Manhattan/Brooklyn competition is tough for places in preschool. If you are interested in the British School I think the best way forward is to call them.

It wouldn't hurt to ask them if you can hold the place by paying the fees. The worst they can say is no! It is only for 1 or 2 years so I would think it is worth it. I would also ask them if they can recommend any schools in Manhattan. I would imagine most prep schools in London have helped children manage the transition from the US to the UK so know the better ones. Another great resource for schools is

rushingrachel Mon 20-Jan-14 13:26:40

Hi. No advice re NYC but I am a lawyer, trying to return to the UK with a 5 and 3 year old after a 2 year career break having followed DHs job to Brussels. So almost exactly where you would be in 2 years time.

First thing is you are right to be concerned about school places for the big one on return. I know because I didn't and now we can't get a school place somewhere we want even for money. If the school will let you pay to hold the place jump on it. If not think through carefully. Year 1/2 places are not easy to get.

Your career. Just a note of caution that our beloved profession are not that keen on women with career breaks on CVs. I had a really good CV pre break and I have great and enthusiastic referees. But finding a position has been very challenging.

Wouldn't let those things stand in your way. I would happily take another 2 years out if we were off to NYC. Just if you've thought it through beforehand you can be better prepared.

Good luck.

Bearcat Wed 22-Jan-14 21:39:07

DSIL & BIL went to NY for 2 years in 2005 with BIL's finance job. Their children were 4 & 2.
They never came back.
Beware, you too may love it.

Shakshuka Tue 11-Feb-14 18:05:38

If you have a 3.5 year old, you will have missed the applications for pre-K but can get applications in time for K. You may scramble to find a pre-k place for Sept, especially if you're in Manhattan but there are usually options available.

My kids are in a private school in NYC and my younger one started in K straight from UK so we went through the rather grueling application process. I don't want to go into too many details here but PM me if you want some more info.

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