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grassroots Wed 31-Jul-13 19:59:19

Hi there! Anyone have any experience of living in Vanuatu? Would be interested to know about the international school in Port Vila and any activities/after school/holiday club options for kids. Thanks very much!

Sibble Thu 01-Aug-13 05:32:52

No experience but friends of ours are currently considering moving there (business venture) so I will watch this space with interest on their behalf.

Have just had a great (if wet!) holiday there. It's a very cool place.

PoppyAmex Thu 01-Aug-13 05:46:22

Sorry no direct experience but maybe you'd like to try Australian expat sites, as there are a lot of Aussies living there?

grassroots Thu 01-Aug-13 20:21:23

Thanks very much for advice. .. Have found a few blogs, but not much about family life on the expat sites! Sibble, if you went near any food shops can I ask how pricey you found them?

Sibble Fri 02-Aug-13 04:46:00

We only shopped in Port Villa and are comparing to the NZ dollar (where we are currently living). Prices felt very comparable i.e not cheap but not extortionate considering alot of products would be imported. There was no shortage of variety - I was very impressed with the range of French products (cheese, wine etc...) Better than we get in NZ! Clothes Billabong etc... were ridiculously cheap, the factory must be on the Island or one of the Islands?? I guess it would depend on what you would be earning. I would imagine locals would find Bon Marche expensive and there is possibly more shops elsewhere for locals (assumption - we saw alot of warehouse type places offering bulk deals). Eating out again was compatible with NZ prices. We were spending $50 per adult per night (food only) approx 25 pounds. Children often ate free (they love kids).

Not sure if that's any help!

Sibble Fri 02-Aug-13 04:48:47

Petrol was expensive (can't remember off hand how much) and there were no prices advertised. I have a feeling there might be a different price for tourists and locals???? Taxis 150 vatu per trip around town.

grassroots Fri 02-Aug-13 17:51:18

oohhh Sibble, now I am getting excited! Didn't occur to me that I might actually be able to buy clothes locally!!! (Although if its going to be Billabong, I am really going to have to hit the gym...) All good news on the cheese and wine front too...especially the cheese! That all sounds really great news. I have no qualms about life being really incredibly different there - and it is the difference which is really exciting - but it is always nice to know there might be a few home comforts on hand in case of emergency...

Sibble Fri 02-Aug-13 20:28:09

It's a lovely place to visit (have only visited so can't comment on live), people are lovely but it is very different and still developing. I hope it doesn't get over developed (unless that is what the locals want) in case it spoils it. DH said it reminds him of Fiji 20 years ago.

We would love to live in the Islands at some stage.

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