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Bloody landlord!

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BudaBabe Sun 04-Jun-06 22:03:05

Been in this house for almost 2 years and have had various issues with things breaking/goring wrong etc. Finally did a list for landlord and he got most things done.

My main bugbear was the alarm system. Assured it worked but of couse when we moved in discovered it didn't really - couldn't be split to downstairs only and was wired wrong or something. Anyway DH's secretary has a friend who installs alarms and he came up with a system that could be installed relatively simply. But no. Landlord decides to use a contact of his who is cheaper but based 2 hours away.

So new alarm installed on Friday.

6.30 this eveing (an hour after DH has gone away to AFrica for 12 days) system starts playing up. Can't get hold of anyone on numbers we were given. Call landlord who finally gets someone to telephone. Seem to sort problem over phone.

Come upstairs and set alarm. Goes off. Check house , come back upstairs, goes off again. Only good thing is that security company respond although they have wrong tel number. VERY hunky securty guard was a bonus!

But still can't use damn alarm.

It happens EVERY time the landlord arranges something! And he lives in Vienna so not exaclty local.

May be moving house v. soon or committing murder - watch this space!


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