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Moving to Rome : advice needed please

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BananaGio Wed 06-Feb-13 18:49:01

You could try this or this. Also give this site a go wanted in rome. And for overall information etc try anglo info.
Regarding areas do you want to be in the south of the city itself or outside it? The Castelli area is lovely and Frascati has good train links. Ostia Antica is another lovely area to the south with good links and am guessing that with 2 big dogs you will need more space than the average city apartment so you are probably best looking outside.
Average rental costs depends on the area and size. We live in the central area near to the Vatican and pay 1.4k euros per mth for 90 sq m which is quite average. You will definitely get a lot more for your money going outside. Re English speaking groups have a look on the anglo info site I posted to earlier as some are listed there. Dont know any personally but I know the AICR(American international society of Rome) seems quite popular. I know there are also various social, networking type of groups but again dont have any personal experience. Same goes for language schools as all my studying was courtesy of DP and now DS. Feel free to post back to ask me anything else or pm me when you have narrowed ideas re location down as I may be able to tell you to avoid certain areas etc or the opposite.
Hope all goes smoothly. It's a wonderful city, (albeit frustrating, infuriating, dirty) but I wouldn't live anywhere else!

inuite Wed 06-Feb-13 15:20:20

This is my second thread about move but if possible I would appreciate some additional help.
I will be following my husband to Rome at the end of the school year.
We need to rent a house/appartement south of the center or just outside but with easy transport links to center. We have 2 large dogs that will come with us!
Does anyone know of a website similar to ""?
Any tips regarding areas to avoid, average rental costs, intensive language lessons for adults, English speaking contact groups etc greatly received.

DC will probably board in England so proximity to International school is not important.

many thanks for any help.

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