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How to plan for moving back to the UK?

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AlohaMama Fri 21-Dec-12 23:58:37

Thanks for the advice ladies. Like you California I'm a planner. That's what makes it so difficult. Plus coming out here I was child-free and had plenty of time for research. Now, not so much!

CaliforniaSucksSnowballs Fri 21-Dec-12 04:10:12

We are in the middle of doing it.
So far over the last 6 months we have been de cluttering and selling like crazy. Lots of Dh's toys have sold, (tools and cars)
Lots more to sell.
We aren't taking much back, furniture can be too big and bulky for UK homes so we are taking Dd's toys, my pots and pans, Dh's tools and boxes (so he can work) clothes, although I've weeded out loads and will get rid of more.
I'm of two minds about the dining table and chairs. Nice solid oak very functional if not a little rustic from kids, The legs will come off so I'm leaning towards keeping. That will be the only furniture.
Poor Dh is stuck with house repairs for selling, a few more things to do and then list it in the new year and wait. Can't go anywhere till it goes. So we might be back before Spring or maybe not till summer or whenever. I am a planner I hate not knowing.
Funnily enough we arrived with one Ds and will be going back with one Dd. The boys are grown and moved back to UK without us.

madwomanintheattic Fri 21-Dec-12 02:39:01

We left with an 11mo and returned with two and another one due two months later...

Get thee to Britishexpats and onto the mbttuk board.

idlevice Thu 20-Dec-12 23:33:45

We moved back after 5yrs away in Australia. For this move we had DS1 4yrs old & DS2 3mths old. I had severe anaemia during pregnancy so could not do a thing beforehand (could not even stand to shower) but it all somehow got done cos it had to. I was really looking forward to it & have been enjoying being back sooooo much so far.

If you are enthusiastic about wanting to do the move you will find a way & as soon as you are here all the good stuff distracts from the hard/practical/boring ongoing settling down again business.

DoctorGilbertson Wed 19-Dec-12 20:34:35

Ugh, not it is horrible.

Job for me, child care and schools were our three priorities I think more or less, and then we left DH behind, and he has sorted things out while we have been back (he is arriving soon).

Nice to be back in the UK (everything works, it is so clean) but the kids and I have been quite unsettled and Things Have Changed since I have been away.

Wind farms. Recycling. The government.

Change. Ugh.

AlohaMama Wed 19-Dec-12 19:15:27

We've been living in Hawaii for 4 years now and are starting to think of moving back to the UK, probably in the next year or two. It just seems such a daunting task. For some reason moving here seemed easier than going back. Since being here, we've had 1 baby, have another one on the way, have bought a house, set up a business, and become quite established. I can't even bear to think about how to wrap all that up ready to move back. The logistics seem beyond me - how far ahead to try to sell the house, when to ship things back, how to close down the business, all the tax issues, money issues, how to decide where to move to in the UK. Does anyone have any useful tips, or can just reassure me and tell me it's not that bad?!

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