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Cape Town - SA

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BonzaBlue Sun 02-Dec-12 06:01:07

Well at the moment I would not move back to South Africa. My sister is in Joburg and is very happy, I have a SIL and her family in East London (South Africa) and my MIL is there too.

I lived in SA for 20 years - but that was over 13 years ago now.

You have to be more careful than in other areas of the world but it is doable, and if I HAD to move back to SA CT would be where I would go. Especially if you have family there.

Good Luck with whatever you decide !

FifromN12 Thu 29-Nov-12 12:16:59

sorry i meant MY Family are French and his South Africans! (lack of sleep!!)

FifromN12 Thu 29-Nov-12 12:14:49

Hello ladies,

I have been mostly a reader on this site! I will try make it short and sweat. My hubby is South African from Cape Town and for many reasons we have decided to move back. I say move back as we lived there 2/3 years ago when our little boy was a baby ? for 10 months. We are currently living in London and both ?surviving? I am using this word lightly as I know we are very lucky to live the way we do (food on table, heating ect). He wants to leave as finding London too hard and wants to go home but only if I want to. Anyways, I do want to move as I wouldn?t have to commute, will be able to work part-time, no extortionate fees for nurseries, will be able to buy a house without a mortgage. My hubby would still keep his job and work from home. His family (French) who I love are in Cape Town so will be nice to get help as here we are on our own. But my parents are worried about security issues and being far. I did tell my mum that we would come back for long stretch and she would have her own room?. For you ladies in CT are we mad?!!

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