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Moving to New York from London

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items Sat 02-Jun-12 12:36:13

So it's happening. After months of discussions we are moving to NY. We are yet to determine whether it will be in time for the new school year (Aug) or part way through. I was on here before asking about areas to live etc but now its a reality. Here are the thoughts (any advice appreciated)
Living - 2 sets of thoughts. Live in Conneticut to have a large house, big yard (we have 3 kids 8,5 & 6mths + 1 large dog), safe neighbourhoods. Live in Manhattan (say Upper East Side/West Side) for close to commute to work for husband, but more around place of living.
Schools - will be private given the company will pay. Will need to work out how on earth to get into them and also single sex vs co-ed.
Car - would want one for weekend trips but will need to get used to driving on the other side of road (and I guess a factor for Manhattan vs CT)

Any other thoughts i need to be thinking?

tribecatransplant Fri 31-Aug-12 18:36:25

I moved from Tribeca to Battersea two and a half years ago and this thread is very interesting to me as we are going to be moving back either next fall or the year after. My husband has a standing offer in Stamford, CT but having grown up in Long Island, I am wary of the isolation of the suburbs. I loved living in Tribeca with kids as while it was cramped compared to London, the schools are good for NY and people are very warm and helpful. It was very easy to get help from local mothers on anything. London is definitely much more challenging. Does anyone have experience of CT? I thought the comments about private vs. public schools was helpful. I agree that UK schools are ahead (at least a year if not more) at the early stages and my daughter wows people in the US when we are back for the summer. That said, because of the different cut off dates, she will have to go ahead by a year when we are back in the US.
Are there mums with experience living in CT who could comment on that?

items Sat 01-Sep-12 23:49:07

We are flying out tomorrow permanently. We decided to live in Battery Park city which is fabulous. Lots of green parks, kids playgrounds, sports facilities yet in Manhattan and close to work.

ElaineBenes Mon 03-Sep-12 03:37:52

I've heard great things about bpc - I think you'll like it.

The schools you've mentioned are all very very different. Trevor is very progressive for example. Did you try world class learning academy? They are not too far and may also have places.

May09Bump Mon 03-Sep-12 04:28:23

You will love BCP - lots to do. Check out , they are 5 minutes away from BCP, lots of classes / playgroups / swimming and sports for a range of ages.

My son is starting at - maybe another school to look at.

Have fun settling in!

items Mon 03-Sep-12 14:31:03

Thanks May09. Leman Manhattan was the last 2 of selection (the other being Avenues). We decided to go with Avenues but by a mere cm in the decision.

KEA Sat 08-Dec-12 21:22:26

Items - I've just read your thread from June and wondered how you were getting on! My husband is currently working out in NY and is due to get an offer imminently. Not sure what it is going to include rent and school fees wise but with an 8, 4 year old and 9 month old living in SW London, I'm faced with a very similar dilemma to you. Where to live and how to get into a good school.

My main concern is my 8 year old who is doing really well in private school here and what happens if he moves to an American school in NY and goes back a year. The older ones are both October birthdays so with the cutoff of December I wondered which year they would go into.

DeBeauvoir Thu 03-Jan-13 22:42:40

There is a useful article about schools in New York here:

offtolondon Sun 10-Mar-13 16:22:56

I live in NY but am moving to London. You might want want to consider Westchester. A town like Harrison Has good public schools with lots of expats, the IB program (one of the few public schools with IB which should make a move back easier) and a really short commute to midtown NYC. You also get a lot more for your money than other areas so close to Manhattan.

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