Going insane... Stuck in a hotel mid move with two kids

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SeoraeMaeul Tue 09-Aug-11 14:43:36

this is just an arghhhhhhhhh post and in light of everything in London and elsewhere I appreciate I have it pretty good really!

Moving from Korea to Hong Kong and spending 4 weeks in a hotel between apartments. And don't get me wrong its a very lovely hotel but the kids and I are going insane. A small bag of toys, a long list of chores and all of us feeling unsettled. I just want my shipment to arrive, to move into our new house and to have finished all the admin and general "stuff" associated with a move. I've moved many many times and I know this phase is short lived - but I've never done it with hyperactive 4 and 2 year olds, and lets face it even I think Immigration offices, buying mobile phones, and IKEA are crap places so why should they enjoy it!

Anyway needed to let off steam, will now head to bed and collapse before facing tomorrow smile

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TheBride Tue 09-Aug-11 21:23:37

Hi there

I live in HK (not there at the mo- back next Wed from trip to the UK).

Just to say, if you want to ask any questions, I pop in on here most days so fire away.

Which hotel are you in and where are you moving to when you get your apartment?

In the meantime, check out Wise Kids and Little Beetles for soft play on the island, and also sign up for sassymama, a great website aimed at mums with pre-schoolers. There's also a HK mums group on FB.

TheBride Tue 09-Aug-11 21:24:59

ps yes Ikea HK is awful, especially if you go around 4pm when it is colonised by school kids who treat it as a drop in centre.

Wisekids is about 4 mins from there, so maybe use it as bribery

louisea Tue 09-Aug-11 22:05:48

I feel your pain. Our shipment took 3 months to arrive when we moved to Doha with 2 8 year olds and a 5 year old. Now we are back in the UK, staying with the ILs and waiting for our house to be vacated by the tenants. The kids are now bored 12 & 8 year olds with none of their stuff, staying with their grandparents for 5 weeks who are trying to sell their house and need it to be tidy all of the time. Can't wait for the container to arrive and the tenants to leave so that we can settle back home.

SeoraeMaeul Wed 10-Aug-11 07:44:03

Thanks TheBride - I knew about WiseKids but feared the temper tantrums when I said no to buying new toys, on top of the temper tantrum about being made to stand in yet another queue! But great tips I will sign up to get some suggestions.

Its raining all day so at the moment I've reverted to too much TV - which Louisea I'm guessing you are too!

Hey ho roll on the shipment ;)

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