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National Ins for your child

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IdontknowwhyIcare Sun 26-Jun-11 06:44:15

We live in Dubai and Ds will be 16 in September. According to directgov he will not be eligible for a Nat Ins number, neither will he be able to take his driving test (later obviously).
Is there anyway around this? Does anyone have experience of this please?

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 27-Jun-11 06:17:08

Won't he get one if/when he moves to England? I am not sure why he would need a NI number if he is in Dubai and he could take his test there I imagine and possibly swap his UAE licence for a Brit one if necessary.

IdontknowwhyIcare Mon 27-Jun-11 08:04:57

Actually I dont know why I thought he would need one. Regarding driving, the age here is currently 18 however I would like him to learn to drive properly. Addtionally we have one of the worst death rates from driving accidents.

This is why I dont want him to learn to drive here!!! Not sure I really appreciate the logic of the speaker but ....

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 27-Jun-11 08:22:29

I've driven in Dubai quite a lot. Albeit 8 or 9 years ago.
If he wants to learn to drive, he could do a crash course in the UK over about a week I think.

IdontknowwhyIcare Mon 27-Jun-11 10:52:50

lol crash course ;-) Yep I think thats is what we will plan for a one week course.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 27-Jun-11 14:46:56

Don't forget you have to do the theory too. I was astonished by some of the questions and somewhere in the back of my mind I think you have to leave a certain amount of time twixt the two. Maybe not though.

IdontknowwhyIcare Tue 28-Jun-11 06:00:52

Thanks kreecher, we have a while, DS isnt 16 till Septmeber, so I am sadly, more than confident that the driving rules will have changed by next September.

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