shipping from Middle East to UK

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mumoverseas Wed 01-Jun-11 13:52:08

yay! We are finally going home to the real world grin

Any recommendations on shipping companys? We got one quote from a company which was a bit daft as it was just a minimum quote and they apparently can't tell us the actual price until it is all packed and on its way hmm

Any recommendations?

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Barmcake Thu 02-Jun-11 09:03:48

a couple of friends used Pickfords last year when they went back, but got quotes from other companies as well and said Pickfords were comparable to them and preferred to go with a well known company. HTH

Good luck for going back to the real world, another couple of years for us before we go back to reality grin

mumoverseas Thu 02-Jun-11 12:05:19

ooh thanks, will look into that. Can't wait, I can almost smell the bacon wink

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MABS Thu 02-Jun-11 13:15:26

we got several good quotes for our move sad want me to forward the mail addresses? so when are you moving back? x

mumoverseas Thu 02-Jun-11 13:32:51

that would be great thanks MABS, I leave the sandpit 4 weeks tomorrow. BA of course wink can I pre-book champagne do you think? Think I've earnt it! x

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MABS Thu 02-Jun-11 13:34:11

just you?

MABS Thu 02-Jun-11 13:40:43

have forwarded the email addresses, ignore the quote bits


mumoverseas Thu 02-Jun-11 13:42:58

Thanks Mabs, all back next month, kids and I permanently then DH returning here til end of August then back to UK to join us. Can't wait for a normal life!

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MABS Thu 02-Jun-11 13:43:55

delighted for you

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