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Anyone in Houston TX?

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GingerSquirrel Fri 22-Apr-11 15:38:53

I spoke to my younger sister earlier and she would love to meet some friendly types in Houston. She, DH and DD (10 months) moved there in March with his job and although she's not struggling, she's spending a lot of time just with the baby and not finding it that easy to meet people. Any suggestions?

Earlybird Fri 22-Apr-11 17:32:03

Try posting on the Living in America thread here:

Also, if you can get her attention, iirc expatinscotland lived in Houston and still has family there.

wentshopping Sat 23-Apr-11 03:51:03

I live in Houston, and when my DCs were small I used to be part of a UK/European mums group which met each week at someone's house - I dropped out of it when my youngest started preschool, but it was based in the Westside/Katy area. I'm just trying to think if I know of anyone with little ones... Has she been to Gymboree or The Little Gym mommy and me classes - you are grouped with kiddos of your own age, and she could always try "going for a coffee/icecream etc afterwards". I know its hard here because as we get into the warmer weather (33o today) you are less and less likely to head off to the park, and meet people there.
Feel free to pm me if you like.

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