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Can someone help me with the schooling system in Australia NSW

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Joo1es Sun 02-Jan-11 12:26:37

Hi, Can anyone help me to work out the school system in NSW. My DS will be 4 in April and my dd 3 in August. We would be moving out in June 2012. So ds will be just 5. Ideally I would like to keep him out of school here until we move, but am confused as to what is required when we move there. Also for my dd, at what age will she start school? does the school year run jan to dec? or the same as here? so many things to think about, but would really like to have the school thing clear in my head. Any help appreciated. Thanks

sunnydelight Mon 03-Jan-11 10:15:47

Statutory school age in NSW is 6, but they can go "early" as long as they are 5 before 31st July. So, in your situation your DS could start school in January 2012 as he will be 5 before 31st July, but he doesn't HAVE to start until January 2013, i.e. the school year in which he turns 6.

Because of your DDs birthday (you miss the 31st July cut off) you will have less choice - she will go the January after she turns 5.

Haven't time to post more at the moment, hope that helps.

BonzaBlue Mon 03-Jan-11 10:54:31

Might also help for choosing schools - we are in NSW too.

My two are in yr 4 and yr 6 though.

Good luck

cjdamoo Thu 06-Jan-11 09:20:00

I moved to NSW 2 years ago. I found most parents here at least seem to hold there kids back. I chose to place my ds 2 and 3 in the age appropriate (held back) classes but not DS1 its worked great for us

Joo1es Thu 06-Jan-11 14:13:34

thank you everyone for your replies.
cjdamoo are you enjoying it there? where did you move from? it is all overwhelming, but in terms of schooling think it would suit ds to hold back, much more sensible age to start school than here!

cjdamoo Thu 06-Jan-11 21:04:49

its taken me a while (2 years) to feel happy here. We are in the Hunter Valley and I finally feel happy here. Good job because the children love it and have flourished here. I had one son who was painfully shy within 6 months of arriving here he was a social butterfly! I moved from London so the pace change really hit me.

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