Advice needed on how to deal with Spiders in QLD Australia

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willieversleepagain Sun 21-Nov-10 00:38:35

We've just moved here from the uk, I lived here before so I knew what to expect, but now I have a 2 year old dd & am simply petrified, won't go in the garden, don't want to hang our washing out in case spidey wants to hitch a lift in. Saw a whitetail in a friends garden & that has made me 100 times worse! I know the garden is their habitat, not mine, but I'm so frightened dd will get bitten. Watched one trap a cockroach in it's web yesterday, they fought for 10 mins, the spider won! Do I just need to harden up or is there anything I can plant to try and repel them? Any advice or suggestions very welcome!

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differentnameforthis Sun 21-Nov-10 00:54:37

Baygon is your friend!

You can get out door surface spray that lasts for up to 6 months. Spray the areas that your dd is likely to play & wipe away any old webs.

Spray your washing line, so they don't get to the clothes. Tbh, I have never had one on the clothes before, when I spray.

We do this & do a quick check of stuff before the girls go outside. We always check under the bikes, swings, cubby etc.

It's life, you can't completely eradicate them, you need to live along side them, but be as careful as you can!

willieversleepagain Sun 21-Nov-10 01:02:37

Thankyou! Will do that. I know I'm being ott & tbh I'm as scared for myself as I am for dd, she's a better excuse for being nueurotic though! Baygon is on my shopping list.

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YeahBut Sun 21-Nov-10 01:22:46

You will get better. I was positively phobic when we first came to Oz and am remarkably blase now. grin
I second the surface spray - spray it around doors and windows etc. As for going outside, just check bikes and things that get left out and you'll be OK. Spiders like to avoid humans much more than we'd like to avoid them. Teach your daughter that all insects and spiders are amazing to look at, but you should never touch and she'll be fine in the garden. Do let her out, what's the point of being in Oz if she can't enjoy the best thing about it, being outside all year round!

gregssausageroll Mon 22-Nov-10 07:26:18

I used mortein bombs every 3 months in the house. You need to go out for a couple of hours but that should keep everything out of the house.

Mortein also do a spray that you can use around your doors and windows. We also used it on the pergola and washing line.

You will get the spray/bombs in woolies or coles as well as IGA or Bunnings.

Like the above poster we quickly checked toys before they were played with.

In our time in Australia we had a few redbacks and a whitetail (before spraying) but never saw anything after and not one single huntsman!

We had a couple of cockraches but cleaning and sweeping kept those at bay too!

ben5 Mon 22-Nov-10 07:33:10

morten is a god send. it kills everything. we have had a couple of red backs in the garden but never in the house. just remember if you or anyone else gets bitten just take them to the doctor asap. they have stuff to sort you out!

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