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Breast pain and noticable dimple

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love2sew Sun 20-Apr-14 22:09:43

I really don't know if I am posting this in the right section or if there is maybe another section?

I am 31 and two weeks ago, i noticed a difference in the size of my breasts. Thought i was imagining it but then my partner commented on how one of them seemed to be bigger than the other. A few days after that, i started experiencing pain in my breast running from the side, down to underneath (in the smaller breast). If i lifted up my arms, it felt like my skin was tearing at the bottom. Like it was too tight. I took painkillers to ease the pain but it hardly helped. The pain stayed like that for about a week until Friday. I was doing another check, looking for bruising or any other reason to why i felt so sore and lifted my arms up. Now where i was experiencing the ripping pain, there is a very noticeable dimple. My breast at the bottom now dips in the middle. It's like something is pulling it up from inside. I actually took pictures to look at it properly. Now, it is beside an old scar of 9 years from a breast reduction so could it be caused all of a sudden from old scar tissue? Also, at the top of my nipple, I'm sure there's kind of an indent. Not sure if that was there before. I am going to the doctors at the start of the week to get it checked out. Anyone had this kind of thing and had nothing wrong?

Elibean Tue 22-Apr-14 09:27:08

I'd bet its scar tissue related - but you're right to get it checked out, absolutely.

If I were you, I'd re-post in the General Health section to see if others can relate smile

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