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Liverpool gay mums?

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kayjayel Mon 28-Jan-08 15:42:34

I want to meet more gay mums in Liverpool and I'm not sure how! Any tips? I don't want to just leave my phone number in likely places, so want to be a bit more careful, and I'm not ridiculously confident, but we really don't have contact with any others. I want DS (2) to see he's not the only one, and I'll be off on mat leave from June so will have a year to build new friendships, hopefully.

My last mat leave was so ridiculously hetero, I'm a bit fed up of being (however completely accepted) the novetly, and I think it'd be great for dp to meet other non-bio mums.

We tried Rainbow FAmilies in Manchester, but to be honest it wasn't massively friendly, and is a long way to go. I've heard rumours of lots of other gay mums in Liverpool but I haven't seen the evidence!

So does anyone have any tips on how to be brave and try to find friends, or know of any Liverpool two-mum families who might want to meet up? TIA!

summersun06 Mon 28-Jan-08 15:50:48

How about posting a message in diva or any local gay posts?

summersun06 Mon 28-Jan-08 16:15:09

You could give a po box address. Or put cards up in your gay communities pubs,cafes and invite other gay family to a venue on a particular day of the week and then that way there are no telephone number exchanged until you feel happy about it. Some times it takes a while to set these things up but if you keep going you each week the group where it was just you and your partner could grow even if its only 1 other couple, its something. Word of mouth is great tell everyone you know.

Is there not a web site, have a look and see if there is any local groups listed on the web. Good luck x

kayjayel Mon 28-Jan-08 19:14:25

Thanks summer. I'm not sure where the gay places are, apart from the clubs listed in Diva. This is the problem in Liverpool - the only 'scenes' I know of are the clubbing/drinking and the sporty ones, neither of which seem to include kids!

I'll have a trawl of the internet, there's a few sites I've seen, just not very active unless you're in London or Brighton or MCr. It feels very brave to attempt this!

summersun06 Mon 28-Jan-08 22:29:07

The thing is there will be people on the gay scene that also have children, so you never know sometimes the most unlikly place uncovers the most treasure.

You are very brave to try and im sure it will pay off for you in the end good luck and let me know how you get on smile

TotalChaos Mon 28-Jan-08 22:35:04

I'm looking at this as I'm from Liverpool, but not gay I'm afraid. I can only think of pubs and clubs too. The website of the NewsfromNowhere radical bookshop has links to various lesbian groups, possibly there might be something new to you here:-

Nemoandthefishes Mon 28-Jan-08 22:35:39

am on the liverpool thread but unfortunately dont know of any places where gay mums can meet..however have a friend who lives with her partner on the wirral so could contact her and ask if you like.

kayjayel Fri 01-Feb-08 14:47:58

Thanks summersun for the nice words!

TC - Thanks for tip on NFN bookshop. I'd thought of there but was a bit worried about leaving a random message. But I've made a new account, so Nemo if your friends would be interested in meeting up with other 2 mum families, would you pass this email address on? (And anyone else reading) -


I'm going to be brave and try to organise something! If I manage to get in touch with anyone!

CrisM Tue 05-Feb-08 07:23:10

Hi Kayjayel

We are in a similar position. We have a son and a daughter of 11m and 3.5y.

We are based in Cheshire, and want to set up a group for gay and lesbian parents to meet socially with their children.

The new group is called out2play and we will meet for the first time on 24th Feb at a play centre in Warrington (location available if you contact us for obvious reasons).

We have set up an email address and would be delighted to hear from other gay parents who want to meet up.

We will and advertise through the usual means (although I wasnt aware NFNW had an online community board) but if you could let any gay parents know by word of mouth that would be great.

Many Thanks

CrisM and Family

CrisM Tue 05-Feb-08 07:23:46 - apologies - it is very early!!

kayjayel Wed 06-Feb-08 10:48:29

Hi Cris,

Have mailed - Very timely! Thanks

AramintaAlice Fri 02-May-08 17:12:40

Why do you have to meet with other gay parents particularly?

What's wrong with meeting people who are 'parents' regardless of their sexual orientation.

kayjayel Fri 02-May-08 20:07:58

Er - I do this already (meet with parents irrespective of politics, race, religion or sexuality). A lot.

Either you're not a gay parent, or you haven't got the ability to put yourself in the position of being a minority and wanting to share common experiences and talk through specific issues with people who may have been through the same thing.

Or I suppose I could just pretend that homophobia doesn't exist, we're just the same as any other parent and stop making such a fuss about it all, was that what you meant? FFS

AramintaAlice Fri 26-Sep-08 12:37:07

Yes I suppose it was, but I take your point.

leesac Mon 08-Jun-09 18:51:54

Hi Kayjayel,

We are a lesbian family in Liverpool, I just noticed this thread is quite old so not sure if you will get this message.

We are in the same boat as you, we have a 19 month old and another on the way.

would be great to meet up if your still interested?

kayjayel Tue 09-Jun-09 18:26:58

Hi leesac - yes its quite old - we started going along to out2play - CrisM put the details above. Its monthly and full of nice people, if you get in touch it'd be great to meet up. Its been the easiest way. It would be great if you could come along, as I think we're the only Liverpool based couple. Congrats on baby 1 and 2! If out2play doesn't work out for you, post on here again - we're away a lot over summer, and I'm back to work soon, but should be more free in Sept. We're not at the June meet up but should be at the July one, hope to see you there.

CrisM Fri 11-Sep-09 11:03:57

Our next meeting is on the 20th Sept - mail me for details



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