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How do you tell a family of homophobes...

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That you might be bisexual and that you love them. I am having trouble to tell my family.

mrssmith79 Sun 21-Jun-15 07:01:17

I wouldn't bother concerning myself with worrying about the opinions of others until I had things sorted a little better in my own head first.
Your post makes it sound as though you still have some soul searching to do and feelings to work through.

Climb one mountain at a time flowers

lostinnormandieland Mon 22-Jun-15 15:08:47

It took time for me. I spoke about my friend all the time sending many hints. They chose to remain in denial and change subject for 2 years! Finally I sent them a letter. They did not react favourably and said some very unkind words. I have taken a bit of distance and told them that there would be no contact if they address me again this way. My brothers are supportive and the rest of my family is. It was a relief. When my mum wanted to make it a secret I sent an email postcard on behalf of my GF and myself to the extended family. Everybody was all right with it showing that the problem is on my parents' side. Good luck it is a tough one. There is bound to be someone that disapprove...and some that approve. flowers

Sandyshoe Mon 22-Jun-15 18:51:21

Like a pp said you sound like your still working things out in your head so maybe you should just concentrate on that for now. Maybe ask yourself why you want them to know just yet are you looking for a gf or do you just feel like you want people to know who you are, it will all come together for you in time so try not to worry to much

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