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Small claims court action - advice please

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Sallypuss Wed 11-Nov-09 15:57:26

In a nutshell, we put a £500 deposit down on a new Barratt house in early September on the proviso that the deposit was fully refundable should we decide not to proceed. We couldn't reach a suitable deal with Barratt on the house (they basically reneged on a verbal deal)and so we pulled out. I have tried on numerous occasions to get the deposit back (all in writing, all by registered post) to no avail. Have spoken to Consumer Direct who tell me my only recourse is now through the Small Claims Court. We have a pretty good case but could do without the hassle if I'm perfectly honest. Does anyone have any experience of these types of claims?

We paid by credit card so wondering if we could claim against the card company - if anyone could advise I would be grateful.

PS: My other strategy was to go to 'Watchdog' or similar and shame them into refunding the money but figured that may do more harm than good if it subsequentlky went to court.

chopstheduck Wed 11-Nov-09 16:02:03

small claims is relly easy, I've done it. You can now do it online too. If yoou have paper evidence that the deposit was refundable it would be very straightforward. onlien claim

chopstheduck Wed 11-Nov-09 16:02:40

You'd prob find too that the threat of the claim being issued will lead to them settling otu of court.

YorkshireRose Thu 12-Nov-09 10:35:06

I would speak to the credit card company as this is probably the most straightforward way of getting the money back.

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