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Requesting an adjournment- Family/contact case

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MrsParker Wed 09-Sep-09 23:02:28

Hi, my ex-husband is seeking contact with our 5 year old daughter. we split when she was one and contact has been irregular.

He is a drug user. I requested a hair drug test at court. The results came back negative for cannabis and positive for cocaine. Although low level cocaine.I was handed this report the morning of the hearing, which left me no time to prepare.

He agreed to a further drug test. Results to be filed within 8 weeks, that was monday 7th. No results back yet, in court next week.

The report stated he has dyed his hair. This can influence the results, especially if the cortex of the hair is damaged. I subsequently asked for the next test to be taken from body hair, not head hair, as i assume this would not be dyed. His solictors declined this request as I had not asked for it in court. If i had received the report on time and not the morning of court I could of researched the results and asked.

I want to know if i can ask for an adjournment as no drug tests have been filed for the second test. I am representing myself, and will not have time to review the findings if it is handed to me on the day of court?

Can i ask for an adjournment? Any idea how?

Thank you

MrsParker Thu 10-Sep-09 09:06:16


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