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Psychological assessment

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ApolloandDaphne Sat 20-Feb-21 11:27:10

But I assume it is an independent psychologist who will be doing the assessment? To be honest I don't know you or your ex DH or any of the situation so I can't say if the issue lies with you or your ex. At the end of the day it is the children who are stuck in the middle of this so hopefully they can work out what is best for them moving forward. Good luck.

FlatteredRhubardFool Sat 20-Feb-21 11:16:13

Really? The cafcass guardian seems to have it in for me and has done from the start. She has said I'm negatively influencing the dc and that I'm the problem. It's very difficult to feel positive about this.

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ApolloandDaphne Sat 20-Feb-21 09:51:47

This is probably great for you as you will be able to prove that you are a good parent and hopefully he will trip up and show his true colours. If Cafcass want a independent assessment then they obviously don't think he is being very honest about the situation.

FlatteredRhubardFool Sat 20-Feb-21 09:15:19

Without going into anything outing the dcs' dad subjected me to 12 years of domestic abuse before I divorced him. He was then violent towards one of the dc a year ago and she refused to see him again so her dad took me to court to enforce the court order. ExH is a vexatious litigant amd always accuses me of abusing the dc if he knows his application wouldn't succeed otherwise. Cafcass have recommended an assessment to see if I'm as toxic and crazy as my exH says I am as cafcass have been totally taken in by ex's lies. I've now seen the instructions to the ClinPsych and it's basically is mum a shit parent and would dc be better living with dad. We have been divorced for many years and I've been the one doing all the parenting in this time. All the school, medical, dental stuff, all the looking after when poorly. He has them 4 nights a month at weekends. Except it's actually his gf who looks after them as he's at work.

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ApolloandDaphne Tue 16-Feb-21 05:58:00

From your scant information i suspect it will assess how you parent and the psychological effect that is having on your children. It will probably look into how you were parented and how that informs your style of parenting. I don't know for sure though. What are the issues which have led to this being requested?

blue25 Mon 15-Feb-21 22:22:03

Possible learning difficulties/disabilities. Emotional & mental health needs. All give information in relation to parenting capacity & specific needs of children in regard to their care.

Bluntness100 Mon 15-Feb-21 22:14:08

I think it depends on why you’re in court? Is this a divorce and a dispute over custody?

Collaborate Mon 15-Feb-21 10:23:19

Your solicitor should have been your first port of call to answer this question rather than people on this message board.

FlatteredRhubardFool Fri 12-Feb-21 16:36:00

Thank you. I will ask my solicitor as nothing has been discussed with me really.

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GeorgeTheFirst Fri 12-Feb-21 15:56:12

If you have a solicitor they will be able to explain this to you, assuming you are one of the parents (or children). If you aren't, then you aren't allowed to know the details.

If you are one of the parents and you don't have a solicitor then you should be allowed to see the letter of instruction to the expert which will set out the questions that are being asked.

FlatteredRhubardFool Fri 12-Feb-21 15:43:05

It doesn't give any details beyond that there's to be one.

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Collaborate Fri 12-Feb-21 15:35:29

You'll know by reading the order. It sets out what the report is to address.

FlatteredRhubardFool Fri 12-Feb-21 15:01:13

Hello, from a legal perspective please could you tell me what is being looked at in a psychological assessment that has been requested by the family court? Mum, dad and the children have to have one. Thank you.

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