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Variation of court order

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Concernedmama1 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:34:24

Varying a child arrangements order.

My daughter is 2 years old, currently in court with her father as he is seeking access. I have raised concerns of emotional abuse towards my daughter by my ex of which cafcass has stated in a section 7 report that she is at moderate risk of violence by this is dimished by the support of the paternal family.

My daughter is currently non verbal and has been showing extreme behaviours after contact, so severe that her health visitor made a referral to social services as he has concerns for my ex's parenting capacity. The GP has also said she has concerns. The former is willing to give their professional opinion in writing.

I'm looking to vary the current order from every other week for two nights to every weekend for 8 hours and supported by the paternal grandparents until cause of her behaviour can be determined.

Would it be worth me varying the order with the information I have above and the support of a professional?

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