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Planning a Will -Single Parent

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Sky00 Mon 09-Oct-17 06:56:07

Hi. I am so lost in Inheritance and Will planning. I am trying to get a Will set up to leave all my assets to my 2 kids. Everybody keeps telling me to plan for the unexpected. So I am trying to - may give up soon as it is giving me a headache!
I'm so confused with options of how I should set the Will out to protect the money until they are 18 (or older when they are less likely to squander it). I wouldn't want my ex to get his hands on the money. I have just managed to buy him out of the family home, so I have the house but also an eye-popping mortgage on it. And I have modest savings.
Does anybody have any advice of whether I should go to an Independent Financial Advisor for advice on how to plan the inheritance? Or to a law firm which writes Wills? I'm trying to understand if I need to use Trusts. Thanks for sharing any thoughts on this.

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