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Bought a faulty car / chargeback scheme

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carworries Mon 10-Apr-17 17:35:34

Long story short, I bought a car from a dealership. It cost £2200. As I got it almost home, in went into limp mode. Local garage assessed it and estimated it needed £1100 of work on it. Tried to return the car to dealership, they refused.

As I had bought car with debit card, after many months, I have now been successful in using the Chargeback scheme, and have my money back.

I still have the car though, because every time I've tried to return it, they have refused!! The Bank say it's mine to keep, because the dealership refused to take it back?

Is this right?? If so, I can fix it and sell it....which would be worth doing as the purchase price of £2200 was really cheap (worth £3000 in working order), but I'm very wary to do this, if legally the car isn't mine.

Anyone know the rules here please?

paddlenorapaddle Mon 10-Apr-17 18:19:14

Take it back and just post the keys through the letterbox and sign the V5 back to the dealership

To keep it would be theft if you've had you're money back

paddlenorapaddle Mon 10-Apr-17 18:23:20

Your even

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