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I lost the other partyies' sensitive documents - what do I do?

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samanthamplified Wed 22-Feb-17 14:04:07


Yesterday I lost two parties' sensitive documents on a train:
Witness statements x 2
Declaration of Trusts x 2

What do I do now? inform the police? The court?

If I inform both parties, can they sue me? What action could they take?


Creampastry Wed 22-Feb-17 18:14:38

Inform your manager and follow procedure. I suspect the ico will need to be informed and the people involved will need to be contacted. Why have you left it so long?

KarmaNoMore Wed 22-Feb-17 18:20:30

My solicitor's secretary sent me copies of another case stapled to some of my documents. I sent them back with a letter saying I was no longer using the firm.

Where did you loose them? Any chance to recover them?

DanniiMinogue Wed 22-Feb-17 18:20:40

Did you contact the train operator and ask if anything had been handed in to lost property?

You should definitely inform your Manager asap (I'm assuming you've done that this afternoon)

PigletWasPoohsFriend Wed 22-Feb-17 18:23:17

You need to report it to your manager for starters!

samanthamplified Thu 23-Feb-17 12:40:23


I'm a litigant in person, so what do I do?

Also, more importantly, what can the other parties do to take action against me?

Can I get sued? Or worse?

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Thu 23-Feb-17 12:51:55

My friend lost very personal client information. She had to inform her Manager and the procedure involved telling her client.
Contact your Manager or is there a regulatory body who offer legal advice if you have a query? Either you or your employer should have professional indemnity insurance so it protects you if sued.

RedHelenB Thu 23-Feb-17 12:58:07

I dont think the OP is a solicitor.

EyeStye Thu 23-Feb-17 21:00:39

As a litigant in person I'd stay schtum or simply inform and apologise. I have had many LIPs who deliberately circulate confidential court docs and nothing has ever happened to them apart from the judge saying they deplore what has happened don't do again etc. I've had LIPs forge bank statements, impersonate a solicitor, fake a court order (all separate cases) and all that happened was judge referred to the CPS and no prosecutions ever brought! And those were criminal offences.
don't think anything whatsoever will happen as it was an accident if you want to fess up.
Pretty sure everyone up to now has assumed you were a solicitor as did I when I read earlier but didn't reply as you'd already had advice

samanthamplified Fri 24-Feb-17 10:56:03

Thanks EyeStye!

I can't believe people do those things - actually made me laugh out loud

I guess I'll confess and inform the parties and the court

I just hope they don't take action against me - they've been nasty so far...

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 24-Feb-17 15:50:47

I am assuming they are just copies and they can provide you with further copies for the purpose of the case.

Just apologise and explain it was entirely accidental.

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