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Council accusation that other adults live with me, without saying who?!

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ReasonsToBeModeratelyHappy Sun 22-Jan-17 23:35:18

My local council have written to say that they intend to remove my council single occupancy allowance, and may also apply a penalty charge, because they have carried out a 'data matching' exercise' and it 'shows that there are additional adults' living at my house. They don't say who, or how many, but I have to refute this somehow.
They have provided a form for me to declare all these occupants over 18, but there aren't any!

I have emailed explaining that I have a DC away at uni, studying full time, and ask whether they deem my house to be their main residence (in which case I can apply for discount due to their being in education). I have also asked who they believe is living here (they wrote 'additional adults', so presumably they think its more than one?).

Otherwise I have been the only adult living here for 13 years - am in a relationship but he lives >100 miles away (owns his property), and stays here about 10-15 nights a year - surely they don't mean him?

My question is, do I have the right to know who they think is living here, i.e. exactly what the accusation is? It seems unfair that I have to try to disprove their statement (within 10 days, or I lose single person discount), but they don't have to tell me why they have decided someone else is living here? Does anyone know what my right are to know please?

EggnogChai Sun 22-Jan-17 23:39:19

Basically good old capita have ran a credit check on your property and there has been a match with another adult (could be your adult children).

Just put no other adults residing at property and they won't cancel your single persons discount

OutToGetYou Sun 22-Jan-17 23:42:03

Just refill the form truthfully and send it back. I got one once, I had always lived alone, so filled it in, they carried on the discount, heard no more about it. Think they try to catch people out or get rid of the discount through inertia.

ReasonsToBeModeratelyHappy Sun 22-Jan-17 23:52:48

Ok, thanks - I'll try that - I was just a bit shocked that it's a specific accusation, not an enquiry. How rude!

GRW Tue 24-Jan-17 20:16:42

I had my single adult discount taken away on my Dd's 18th birthday although she was still at school doing A levels. I contacted them and they did give me a refund for the time she was at school. She is now away at University during term time, and I had to supply a letter from the uni to say she is a full time student to continue to receive the discount, at least until she comes home for the summer.

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