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Single mum to 6 month old - legal rights

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user1484263464 Thu 12-Jan-17 23:30:26

Hi all

Am based in the UK and have recently separated from my partner, my daughter has just turned 6 months, we are discussing access and childcare at present and I am unsure of my legal rights to where I would like my child's care to reside (I.e. Locally so I could collect my child and take her home for bed is my preference, however my ex partner feels that this should be closer to his home, c45 mins from mine).

Does anyone know where I can seek some family law advice quickly?

Thanks everyone x

prh47bridge Fri 13-Jan-17 00:37:27

If your ex partner is named on the birth certificate he has parental responsibility which gives him the right to a say in your daughter's education, her religious upbringing and medical treatment. You cannot change your daughter's name without his agreement (or a court order) and you need his consent to take your daughter out of the country.

If he is not named on the birth certificate he does not have PR so does not have any of these rights. He can get PR either by agreement with you or by going to court.

Regardless of whether or not he has PR, he has no say in childcare arrangements whilst your daughter is in your care. Equally you have no say in childcare arrangements whilst she is in his care. However, if this is an issue because he drops her off and you pick her up on some days, neither of you has an automatic right to dictate. You need to agree it between you. If you cannot do so you can try mediation or, if that fails, get the courts to resolve the matter. For an issue like this you should really try to resolve it without going to court.

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