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I'm going to court and Prosecution want to adjourn case

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LifeOnHoldpart2 Mon 17-Oct-16 18:10:50

I have had a neighbour sexually harrass me for months, I went to the police for help, he made counter claims, the police believed him based on his word, I hold evidence they never allowed me to make any statements or my witnesses or present any evidence.
(YES this is all true and sad)

I am going to court tomorrow, first appearance for harassment and wasting police time to enter plea.
My solicitor has been in contact with me saying the prosecution want to ajourn the case for a futhur 2 weeks.

Now my life is on hold, I am still at the property and i fear for my life. I have told police this they do not care or even contact me back.
I had to leave my job to get legal aid and I am struggling living on benefits.
I cannot leave my house due to seeing this man I am scared.
I also booked a holiday in two weeks to go see my dad because I need to see him.

This is unfair on me, the allegations are 100% not true and i hold evidence of this, the police did not even bother to investigate properly they just charged me on his word.
The police have it in for me because THEY breached data protection and I of course complained now they want anything on me so it looks like I am the issue and they had a reason to breach this data.

I cannot even live in this prison for two more weeks, it is hell here.
I have depression and anxiety and as you can imagine it is high doses I am at breaking point.

My solicitor doesn't seem bothered about it being adjourned, I need this case thrown out.

I cannot move because of this case is on going and police refuse to investigate because of this court case.

Can I speak to the judge myself?
They have had over 4 weeks to sort this case out this is not fair on me my life is on hold because of these false allegations.

HereIAm20 Mon 17-Oct-16 19:52:27

You will have the chance to put your side of things in court and your solicitor will be able to call yiur witnesses too. It is not the police who decide whether to prosecute but the CPS.

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