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Fence and boundary

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Mumof3cheeky Sat 20-Aug-16 13:37:25

Recently moved and there isn't a clear line of fence between neighbour and us. Can you tell me where we need to apply or look for a certain plan that would give us the exact measurement of the garden boundaries thanks

MrsHulk Sat 20-Aug-16 13:39:17

Check the land registry website - you can download plans showing the approximate boundary between the properties. If that's not clear enough, you can enter into a boundary agreement to agree the exact boundary. Land registry advice line is v helpful

LandRegRep1862 Mon 22-Aug-16 10:17:40

No plan will provide you with the exact position of the boundary. Have a read of our online blog article which helps to explain this in a bit more detail.
Our online guidance may also be of interest. and

If you ring us we will refer you to the same online guidance as we can't tell you where your boundary lies

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