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Post rape-reporting protocol

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AdmiralData Fri 19-Aug-16 03:50:48

Hello. Last year In June i reported a historic case of alleged-rape to the police. A statement was given and recorded and the accused was arrested and released on bail pending enquiries. The alleged-rape was 8 years previous. November of the same year the receptionist of my nearest police station called me on the telephone to tell me on behalf of the DI in charge of the case that a 'NFA' had been decided and that the DI would contact me after her holiday. I was also informed that I would receive an explanation/breakdown of the decision in the mail. I waites for days, weeks and now months. I did contact the DI in charge of the case but had to leave her a voicemail (this always happened, very normal and she would usually return my call). I've literally only had this information: the cps decided NFA. I had to Google what on earth that meant. Does anybody have any advice or information on if this was correct procedure? Thank you. I'm still in turmoil. Sorry for long post.

freemanbatch Fri 19-Aug-16 16:04:49

When I reported historical rape to the police it took a few months to investigate and then the file went to the CPS for charging decision. It took a few weeks and then I got a phone call from the DS in charge telling me that they had decided not to charge and I asked for the written reasoning from the CPS which I received in about a week.

I was told that my case was not NFA by the police as it had gone to the CPS but it was not charged.

I would contact the DI and ask for a copy of the paperwork, someone should have had the professionalism to treat you properly.

AdmiralData Fri 19-Aug-16 17:09:18

Thank you so much for replying Freeman, it's been on my mind every night for months. The general consensus from people who know about it being 'get over it'. I know what to do now so thank you again smile

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