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Mother moving dc away from father

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user1469390344 Sun 24-Jul-16 22:19:29

Ok I'm preparing myself for some abuse but I'm a decent chap and have given my all to keep my family together...

For various reason ( happy to go into if you wish) my ex finished with me, a year on we both have new partners and now she has told me she wants to move to London with her new chap and my daughter. I love my little girl to pieces, when she reached school age I quit my fulltime job so I could do the school run (ex doesn't drive) I have being doing the run everyday for the past 3 years.
since we split I have had access every other weekend and every Monday so she can do her football training.

Basically I would like to know my rights as father with regards to the ex moving my daughter to London from Dorset. I can still see here every other weekend but that time will now be limited and I will no longer be able to see her in the week and I will find it harder to be a part of her school life.

Any advise would be much appreciated, I love my little girl to bits and for me to go from seeing her everyday to 4 days a month is going to kill me, I don't want them to move away

prh47bridge Mon 25-Jul-16 07:55:57

The only way you can prevent a move is to apply for a Prohibited Steps Order. Whether or not this would succeed depends on the facts of the case. If it appears to the court that your ex is moving in an attempt to frustrate contact you may be able to prevent the move. On the other hand, if her plans are well thought out including considering how to ensure that adequate contact is maintained it is unlikely you would win. Note also that if there is a contact order in place she will need to apply to vary it before moving.

I would strongly recommend exploring other options before going to court. It would be best for all concerned if you can agree a way forward with your ex.

RegretRegret Mon 25-Jul-16 08:00:05

Have you been able to discuss it with her, and if so, does she seem to think it's fine to pull you both apart like this? I'm wondering how she can justify it to herself, if not for you then for the child who will obviously be massively affected by this.

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